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The range of the A350 will mean that they can operate the flight non stop, from New York to Manila without the need for the Vancouver re-fuelling stop.
It’s best to have a plan and organize the trip to make the most of what New York has to offer. So let’s start with essentials for the best movie-like adventure.
Snowstorm Jonas has come and left the City. Thoughts and ruminations on the recent blizzard.
History repeats itself? Perhaps not always. It completely depends upon the severity of the case in question and who indeed records the history and who wrote it to begin with. Why is the U.S. so “hard” on Japan? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Why call your town a town or a village, when city shall do? But don't just start calling it a city; make a huge party out of it! And then, take the money and go see what America has to offer the soul, the body, and the curiosity.
On Friday, September 25, 2015, I went to Central Park in New York to see the motorcade procession of Pope Francis. Here is my first-person account.
Two friends argue about which the better city between Chicago and New York is during a commute on the M train.
New York City is known for its nightlife and the relative higher cost of everything from a penthouse apartment to a dirty water hotdog (don't ask!). These are not mutually exclusive though, you can get the good life without the high cost!
A poem based on my Hometown in Brooklyn, New York. Comments are Open.
Any city where dead people dwell is bound to carry with it, dark secrets, hidden histories, ghost stories, and forgotten tales. Such is the case with, St Georges churchyard, located in Schenectady, New York, where ectoplasm is a natural occurrence at the haunted churchyard cemetery th...
I love this poem. I wrote it a fair few years ago. It is one of my better attempts I believe. Would love to hear what others have to say. My thoughts and ideas behind writing the verse was that it could potentially be used in some form of advertising campaign. I would simply be made u...
In New York City, there is no shortage of amazing things to see.
Montauk Point Lighthouse, on the tip of New York's Long Island, offers visitors a chance to step back into history while enjoying breathtaking views of the ocean.
Visiting the Big Apple translates to loads of fun, but there is a lot of planning that goes into it.
Last week was a court hearing for Adele Sarno, an 85-year old Italian-American grandmother, who is in danger of losing her New York apartment.
A year ago we gave an account of the continuous economical makeover of the Eiffel Tower's first-floor. Work proceeds on turning the tower green, and as a major aspect of this methodology, New York's Urban Green Energy (UGE) as of late introduced two wind turbines that ought to lessen ...
Six killed as a Metro-North express train crashed into a Mercedes-Benz SUV in Westchester.
What do you do when an impending Blizard is coming, and you are afraid for a dog? This is the story of a Whippet dog that wandered away from his home and where he ended up, and who saved him and how?
The Merchant's House Museum is a historical house in New York city. I visited there a while back and wanted to share some details about it.
Can you resist the language of a New York teenager from the 1950's? You really can't...
Started in New-York city, the 'Humans of' movement has spread beyond the US' borders. It now takes over 5 French cities, which offer a new approach to the movement.
Here is a review of the PBS documentary which premiered in Central Park.
Amazon has reported a third-quarter loss of $437m (£273m) - up significantly from the $41m loss it reported for the same period last year.
Witness one of the most famous supernatural events in American history. Known to most as "Lincoln's Phantom Train", the hauntingly eerie and intriguing event begins in Washington D.C. and slowly travels through 180 cities that includes Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ...
If you want to read inspiring and amazing +stories, Humans of New York is your one stop page.
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