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Scientists fail to explain this phenomenon. More than 400 pilot whales ran aground on a beach in New Zealand on Friday , the vast majority of them succumbing quickly as hundreds of volunteers tried desperately to rescue the survivors.
A glimpse to a global sports superstar - Jonah Lomu and the farewell salute to fit to his final journey on after life. The emotional public rite was so emotional that one could only be awed in fascination by both the surrealism, fervor and sports heroism both into by the man and the ...
Craggy Range located in Tea Muna Road back in Martinborough, as wine country New Zealand. The Kiwi state is one of a kind producer of great Sauvignon Blancs, here is another gem of a wine!
Wines with a longstanding flavors and class, is what the Marlborough Region of New Zealand is known for its Sauvignon Blancs. This 2014 Jules Taylor wine comes loaded with lots of exuberant and one of a kind flavors, although its too young but it really holds its ground.
If you are looking for a journey rather than a destination, an absolute solitude rather than peace, adventures rather than excitement, book yourself a holiday of New Zealand.
It is a humorous story on the recently concluded Cricket World Cup 2015 in Australia & New Zealand.
New Zealand based designer Richard Clarkson developed a Thunder cloud lamp light like cloud with lighting and thunder except rain. The cloud based light have audio visual and worked on Bluetooth device basis.
With the help of funding from the New Zealand government's Swift Point has developed an input device that can use a virtual finger.
This article provides advice to the average tourist who wants to experience the most out of the area Down Under and discover the jewels of the world which are Australia and New Zealand.
It is on Hollywood celebrities scandal and leaked photos of celebrities of Hollywood and many more of Hollywood updates and much more than this
New Zealand's Marlborough Region, is considered a prime area for the growing and bottling of fine wines. Considered among wine producers as a leader of in the production and full of flavors Sauvignon Blancs.
This is an experience I had in a jewel of a destination, tucked away deep in the forests of New Zealand
This is a short story with a humorous slant of a couple getting ready to travel in their car to catch the 3 O'clock Sailing of the Ferry over the Cook Strait in New Zealand. It focuses on the rather dysfunctional relationship between the two characters.
Dogs are man's best friends. Their loyalty to their masters have been tasted time and again. No matter the status of their masters they'll not leave them just because they're poor and have nothing to eat. Aside from doing ordinary dog chores, it's reported that canines from Sir Edm...
This poem was first written as an assignment in a poetry course. Denniston is the only underground coal mine in NZ. An overseas mining company has petitioned the government to re-open the mine. Although permission has been granted to this company, the sides for and against still ar...
This story is written from the diary entries I kept while on the journey. The year was 1981 and the season was winter. The goal was to traverse the southern scenic route of the South Island of New Zealand a total of 500 miles. The four horses are the main characters of my story. T...
There are incredible and unique treehouse restaurant that was built in New Zealand. This treehouse restaurant created like a cocoon shaped just like in the fairy tales.
Hunting a job, why should it be different when applying for work in diverse countries, just because they have different cultures, religions and languages.
A unique celebration spontaneously erupted in New Zealand's Parliament after gay marriage was legalized.
A mom from New Zeland taking talking potty training with families for her PhD thesis in Chinse city of Xining , she observed that the mothers using alternative for nappy (40 pack was at $8).
A retelling of the New Zealand Maori legend of Okatia and the formation of the Manawatu Gorge and River.
Cycling and trekking is difficult job and that too Unicycling in mountains is more difficult in mountains, really it is crazy, hazardous and challenging.
The phrase "Bucket list" comes from the 2007 American dramedy film directed by Rob Reiner, written by Justin Zackham, and starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, it was about Two terminally ill men who escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-...
Dogs behind the wheel! Animal experts in New Zealand are teaching dogs how to drive and it took the three canines just eight weeks to master the basics.
The news brings us more and more reports on abduction or kidnapping each day, from child abduction to Somali pirate kidnapping, but in my mind there is a way we can stop a great deal of this ever happening in the first place.... read on to find out what I think we should do.
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