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A baby is about to enter your lives and you need to be well prepared, to supply it with everything it needs.
My father has been blessed with longevity. Recently a new great-grandson was born and he was honored when he met and held him for the first time.
My tips and personal experiences on how to recover from a c-section.
James Jenson, a baby with less than one month of age, that is nephew of David Becham, is seriously ill in the hospital due to respiratory problems.
How to get some sleep with a newborn at home. This is a short to teach a newborn the difference between daytime and nightime...and have some rest !!
Learn how sheep give birth as we follow the story of Patsy sheep, a ewe who had twins on March 17, 2013, St Patrick's Day. See pictures of the lambing process.
Cloth diapers not only save you money on your new bundle of joy, but they are also so much healthier for your baby and the environment. Here's why:
Useful tips and tricks to soothe your crying baby.
Physiologic jaundice is a condition that causes yellowing them. Can occur both in children born at the time, as in premature infants, but much more frequent than experienced by children born before the due date.
Tips on how to care for new born children, in order to prevent infection and diseases.
This is a Poem been dedicated to Pregnant women in Labor. It simply brings out the tough experience they go through, the pains they suffer from and their reaction during this situation. Some even go as far as cursing and hating (their Men, especially)..... But everything is for a whil...
My quest for the perfect birth experience, comparing two different birth experiences and finding that they were both, in fact, perfect.
To hold your Newborn in your arms, the wonder of this tiny miracle who is such a part of you... who will steal your heart and never gives it back... The joy of becoming a Father...
A new born child will turn to light immediately and instinctively, fostering and adjusting to its new found environment, as well. Reiterated, using the air to breath in oxygen, we nourish our blood while releasing carbon dioxide for plants to uptake as their life sustaining breath.
While the children start crawling, they even start producing some sounds like ga…ga…ma…ma…
Mother and the baby develop a special bond during in nine months.
A mother holding her newborn is probably the most beautiful expression of love in the world.
This is a story of a hen which lived with us for about five years when I was living with my parents in my Village called Choutkur in Medak District of Andhra Pradesh, India.
Some would say, becoming a parent is the end of life as they know it, and they are absolutely right.
A quick and basic guide to the intimidating task of newborn care
This article will walk the expectant or new parent through the necessary items every newborn baby must have.
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