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I write a tribute to my uncle and namesake, 2391 Pte Moses A.C. Ingram.
Since Canada is so small many people don't realize the important contributions Canada has made as a fighting force under NATO. They don't know great generals like Rick Hillier.
In a dream like state I return to my childhood and a sunny day in June of 1948.
Two of Adam's brothers, Simon and Peter, get married and together with their brides decide on a double wedding ceremony. Adam and Mona return to Little Valley for the Wedding.
Adam goes home for the Christmas break where he enjoys the day with family and friends and attends Mass with his parents. When the holiday is over however, he is happy to return to St. John's.
Adam follows with interest as The National Convention continues it's deliberations in St. John's. Mona has some upsetting news.
Adam realizes that the world is changing and as World war II continues to rage in Europe he sees it effect even life in outport Newfoundland. The tragic death of a boy saddens the community.
Adam is delighted when the newly wed teacher announces that she plans to continue teaching but not everyone agrees.
Becky and Adam become friends. A sudden marriage announcement surprises everyone in the community.
Adam attends the wedding ceremony and dance at Petersview. He also makes a new friend.
A comparison of life today and existence as it was when I was a child in the 1940's and early 1950's.
Adam continues to do well in school although there is now a new teacher in the school. He fishes with his father during the summer getting a half-share.
Adam receives confirmation and is disappointed that he feels no different. He is impressed with the new teacher.
Adam begins his life in a small community on Newfoundland's South Coast.
I take you back to my childhood and share my memories of a simpler time.
I talk about the old Christmas Custom of Mummering and how it still continues in parts of Newfoundland.
Felipe finds employment at Purity Factories Limited.
Last month Americans celebrated Columbus Day, the man history tells us discovered our country on his search for a new route to India...but did he really het here first?
Jordan tells Felipe about his being bullied at school and his having no close friends. The cousins take a bus ride downtown.
I arrive in Newfoundland and eventually find my sons but I get myself into trouble almost immediately.
My work complete – I say my good-byes and am heaven bound..
Both my grandson and I win awards, he for being such a great teacher and I for being a good student.
Felipe begins the train ride to St. John's, a journey that takes twelve hours. Arriving in the capital city he is fascinated with the modern technology around him.
Felipe visits the minister's stateroom but refuses an invitation to spend the night and returns to the room that he shares with three others. His thoughts return to his sexual preferences and he becomes angry until he has another visit from Andrew.
Felipe spends an enjoyable night at home with his parents and Delilah begins readying things for her son's departure.
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