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I knew from working at the local paper that our sleepy town was not always sleepy so I knew observing our little town in the middle of the night was a perfect assignment for my feature writing class.
Top stories that are making the headlines of today.
Zoey has given up on her spy mission. She's thrown in the towel. Her best friend Duece couldn't be happier. Life will get back to normal and there will be no more talk of vampires, ghosts or anything remotely like that.
We have huge problems, not only here at home, but all around the world. I have come to believe that much of our problems, and thus the world's problems is because of a willfully misleading media.
Would the terrorist have attacked the Paris Newspaper "Charlie Hebdo" if this publication would have been more sensitive and respectful of the religious beliefs of the Islamic nation? Or was Charlie Hebdo just being used by the Terrorist as a smoke screen?
This is to open our eyes to them who we ignore pleas read and share this. This is close to my heart. pleas follow link to see video
The newspaper is dead, long live e-journalism! Taking a look at the future of news writing is something that is essential for both existing journalists, but something that should be of great interest to on-line writers. How do you consider the industry will develop?
This article is about the 10th anniversary of amNewYork newspaper.
1970s underground newspaper, Zeke And Surf, from northern IL radicals, centered in lee and ogle counties, from the founders of the rock band syberite.
Thoughts on a publication once widely read in rural Newfoundland.
We are ether Accepting or Rejecting through agreement
News media should be fair, and unbiased truthful concern for the masses. The reporter should maintaine balance and and avoid one side of view point.
A graphic designer, or graphic artist as they are also known is a person who places together images or motion graphics (or both) with typography in order to produce their work.They will primarily create such work for printed, published or electronic forms of media newspapers, magazine...
Sometimes, as writers, we are lucky to find real treasure! This happened to me recently. My bathroom is being remodelled, and a couple of days ago the contractor came to me clutching a faded piece of paper. It was four newspaper pages, dated 15 January 1981, concertina folded, tha...
In the real world, to create a newspaper takes money, equipment and staff.But Online, you can make your own newspaper is free, easy & equipment-less. Visit The Article...
A man desperate to get rid of bedbugs responds to a newspaper advertisement.
The old man sits huddled inside a doorway whilst the wind and rain lash down, but does anyone care? Read on to find out more. :
This article is about the persons who are interested in reading the Free Magazines
It is a satire on the corrupt journalist who blackmail the people and organizations for money.
There is an effective way to clean your window shiny using old newspaper.
Flying cars have been in the dreams of children and adults alike for many years now, but unfortunately have not yet become reality; that is until now! A review of the two different types of flying cars which becoming available within the next couple of years.
News on blogs tends to be more current than the news in the paper, or on television. Unlike news delivered by these other media, news that appears on blogs does not have to travel through a series of editors and administrators before it reaches the public eye. This has some advantages...
New article published in response to The Guardian's depressing video broadcast last week subtly but quite clearly stirring moral panic over the career prospects of 2012 UK grads. Although the employment situation has obviously been better, I equally do not feel doomed to life in a cal...
A Heart to Heart talk about knowing my Country and getting a bit close to it with a slightly different backdrop.
Have you ever considered a career in journalism? This article will explain the steps involved to obtain a career in news media as well as information about the industry.
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