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Wintry new years Winters always come each year..New years never die
Yes these times where there is no shortage of news, where it is not uncommon for news programmes to be extended to fit it all in,THERE IT WAS broadcast on the TV news throughout the day and right on the front pages of the Scottish newspapers... A historic event indeed, rea...
Who wants to watch scary films if one has a look on newspaper headlines every day?
Writing on health issues if one's not a doctor or part of medical staff is wrong. It may put people's lives, who read such articles, at risk.
What we have to do to write catchy titles and intros that may attract readers to what we've written.
Adam follows with interest as The National Convention continues it's deliberations in St. John's. Mona has some upsetting news.
The Internet can help us save the planet if we use it to reduce the number of trees wasted on useless paper.
A quick look at the newspaper this morning came up with some unusual facts from Skirts sizes to Lamp posts
I started to put them in practice some time ago and they've proven to be very good for my mind which is as important as my body.
A bundle of knowledge or a soggy mess? That is what happens when you find the newspaper left on the driveway at the end of the rainy day. The evenings have already drawn in and the weather is becoming colder, yet the newspaper deliver people simply throw the newspaper onto the drivewa...
Brunch is what we've always done on lazy day off duty. It's a time to rest, eat slowly and to have real conversation with whoever we live.
This is to open our eyes to them who we ignore pleas read and share this. This is close to my heart. pleas follow link to see video
Who said a writer has a dream of a life, because he doesn´t have to get up early to commute to work? 80,000 words a day is a hell of work to be done in one day.
Life isn´t good or bad; it´s what we make of it. Yours may be the same as mine or not, but it doesn´t have to be worse. It´s all how we want to have it.
Many newspapers and magazines devote one page to the women’s problems and their liking. This page is called women’s page. It may be published once or twice a week. This page generally gives information to the women regarding the home and other domestic things.
We are ether Accepting or Rejecting through agreement
News media should be fair, and unbiased truthful concern for the masses. The reporter should maintaine balance and and avoid one side of view point.
Where´s the sense of humour gone? Surely, there´s space for a laugh or two and few more humour publications.
December 28th will be a day to fool anyone, because it´s a day for jokes in Spain just as England´s Fools´Day in April.
Why I´ve become disappointed with newspapers despite having been a great reader of them for years.
What we can make with material that we´re going to dump in the recycling containers for fun and extra cash.
It was aimed to expose reading habit of students at higher secondary level in Mathura (India). 300 students of this level from ten schools selected were directed questionnaire to get their responses on various items to diagnose their home reading habits. Textbooks and magazines readin...
Long gone are the days of the neighborhood newspaper delivery boys.
The monstrous vices and inconceivable criminality in the societies of human beings across the world are posing formidable challenges to our 21st century global civilization. Man’s failure to curb them might erode away human values and eventually bring the huge edifice of our civiliz...
The Unheralded Birth of the Furlough: Underpaid journalists were all reading a McMemo from the McCorporate McHigher-ups. The memo said that every last one of them was getting docked one day's pay before Christmas.
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