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Lovely youthful Night..This poetry is just to tell women marrying abroad take care and adapt to inevitable newer circumstances and environment
The story is about the story Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde. It was the first romantic, sad love story that I have read. The article has the feelings that I felt at that moment.
When Keats was feeling unhappy over his disappointments in his life, he happened to listen to the song of the Nightingale, while staying in the house of his friend. The happiness of the bird, as contrasted with his own misery, must have struck him with force and he burst in to a song,...
It's a story of a lonely boy. He is neglected by his family. As he grows old he thinks of days past and in the magical world of poetry he tries to go back in time to give a message to the boy he used to be.
A man gets lost in the beautiful country side and the changing season delights him and he enjoys a lovely day.
I decided to spend the night in my friends cabin down by the lake. I sat outside listening to all the different noises.
An old lady lives in a cottage in the woods. Her son left many years ago. She waits for his return night after night hoping above all hope.
The beauty of nature is captured in a snapshot. Lovely flowers beautiful birds and clear blue sky.
Harmonious melodies of a nightingale, modes diatonic, propose and fail, A spiritual, sentimental poem.
A short poem about the singing nightingale at night and how we are very lucky if we manage to hear it`s song.
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