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Read about life in the 1950's in a small East African bush town called Kongwa where going outside at night was not quite the thing to do, especially not for women and children on their own!!
Ah, how comfortable we feel, Majesty and I, sleeping in a room with brown bricks, on a bed with a lot of straight brown wood in it. Come to think of it, where are we? Oh well, we feel at home here so let's not try to think too hard while I'm half sleepy and half awake here on the bed,...
The gang left the abandoned building and walked home in the rain. Robert was thankful everyone was safe but Molly wished they'd went into the garage. Milly's allergies were acting up and Sally smelled like the dumpster.
Molly, Milly, Robert and Sally went out looking for the raccoon. They found him in a tree a few streets over from the maple tree where he usually stayed. They tried to talk to him but he just went higher up in the tree. He wouldn't budge. A summer storm blew into town, and they ha...
The boundary between waking life and dream consciousness
A two part poems one is entitled "Waiting" and the other is "Nightmare"
A challenge given to me by a fellow writer, became this...
This is poetry about the moon and stars and the songs in our hearts. Poetry about dreams and love.
You open your eyes, you forget the depth of the abyss, you forget the depth of oblivion and thickness of indifference... Arcane and fractal nightmare...
no, it's not winter yet no, it's not night no, it is no longer a nightmare...
A day with no exams means more time together for Andrew and Felipe.
Robert the Doll is one of those Possessed Toys that Can Haunt, Curse, Attack, and Torment You.
This is a short story about Lita, a young woman who on her teens began to be tormented everyday by some very vivid nightmares.
What is your greatest fear? What is your greatest potential obstacle in life? You will learn so much about yourself when you face the greatest challenge in your life. most of us fear death, becoming unemployed, perhaps even becoming permanently disabled, what would you consider your g...
death does not warn us when he is about to come. he awaits for our moment and comes in the shadows
This is an urban legend that's been told in my island, how people came across some terrifying creatures at night. i made it into a poem.
Manchester United is not expected to win the league again in the next 10 years, according to the former England national team player, Danny Mills.
This is about one of the most frightening and disturbing films of our time.
That was quite some reflection on the past Kevin just did, and he closes his journal. Good heavens, such a lot has happened in life. And it's not over yet, but right now he can see the sun over in the West setting as it does, while the sound of the Night Train can already be faintly...
No, dont tell it again!! Stop daddy!! Let's talk about the weather.
It's about sleepless night, and having a nightmare. To only wake up looking at TV.
'Oh my GOD! means. It wasn't a nightmare. I...I really was attacked and bitten by a zombie!!'
America took on a nightmare a few years ago, and now we are paying for the results of that election, based on the lies told by him and the media. We are suffering, but we shall endure, long remembering this insult to our country!
In here, all of my dark thoughs of myself, others and the world is gathered. It may contain some hope, but dont be sighting with relief yet; many of them contains hidden words and meaning. Unless youre a bit like me, you wont understand. Some writings is something i have experienced, ...
A number of short stories to hopefully entertain you and shut up my muse
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