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Start of a series of focus pieces on varying AI, tech companies.
Taking action is the most important thing in life. Without action, vision rot and forgotten and dreams remain dreams. On a point of my life, I decided to abandon fear and make dreams real.
Maru's video has been watched by million of people around the world. Despite being entertaining, Maru teaches us some lessons.This writing is about positive thought to approach live.
NLP is one of the most popular and respected technologies for self-improvement. Today it operates under many different names and is used by million of people throughout the world. It is a methodology that aims at teaching people how to live a more productive, rewarding, and joyful lif...
Have you ever told yourself over and over not to do something, only to end up doing it? Have you ever told somebody to stop smoking, only to have them smoke more? The reason for this is because the subconscious mind is fooled by the negative words, and ignores them.
Although there is a great dissatisfaction amongst students and teachers with the current teaching methods and although modern, more efficient teaching methods are available (i.e. Internet and NLP), nobody wants to embrace these new teaching methods. Let me tell you about Monique and G...
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