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Just a poem about mistakes a foolish heart makes but no regrets are felt about it.
Thoughts on giving and how it can benefit both the giver and the recipient.
It is often difficult to look back at events in our lives without harboring a few regrets. I wrote the poem 'The Egret Tree' after coming across a tree I saw while boating with my husband that was literally covered with egrets. When the wind blew they all flew away. This gave me t...
As We leave the past behind and step into the New Year - what do we take into the future with us ?
We look and wonder at children their smiles and enthusiasm. Yet we should also possess those habits. Have we locked them away to too long? Sometimes the childish view can give us the answer to a problem we are facing.
Poem a Day Challenge Day 1 by Robert Brewster from Writer's Digest. Got a lot to catch up on. This one is on being proactive
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