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I make friends with Nathan, a new boy in school who is shy and often hungry.
I like school especially when the teacher reads us a story.I'm very upset with an author called Mother Goose - she is really sadistic.
We revisited Sargon and Hammurabi the great kings of ancient Babylon. Now it is time to revisit Queen Semiramis who had her king build the Hanging Gardens of Babylon one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The amazing part of this story is that he built it just for her.
Allthough I'm not that religious, I really wanted to see this movie and look what all the fuss was about. Oh well , I guess whatever religious topic used for a movie, will cause a stir. In the end this wasn't that bad. At least I didn't fall asleep like after reading the Book ....
When it comes to myths, legends and religious tales there is none more popular than Noah's ark. But Noah is not the only ancient flood story around. Many different cultures in history have recorded a great flood, now these stories are known as myths and legends. Read this article to f...
Fictional short story told in a bit of a poetic form. I believe with all my heart prayers and kisses reach and move the heavens almighty, especially those so sincere and of such faith from a child!
It amazes me how some people take in a negative way what I write. The only thing I know is that it is In them and recognizing it they react. true psychology at its best...but there are those who see the wisdoms thank God.... If you have seen the new film Noah,,,hope this fits again...
Noah movie is it against or with religion, the lego is another movie to see or not to see? here are movie reviews
when Moses takes the Jews out of Egypt, he has a staff. This staff clearly has some significance. Here is the tale of the staff of Moses
The life of Noah. The question arises: will man cause the wrath of God to again try to start humanity over?
Here is the lesson about the city of Nineveh. How a wicked city was given a chance the second time and spared from God's pending judgement.
It is not farthest from thought or fancy in the modern age that a great "Flood" is soon to occur since the time of Noah. Again and again, our forefa(mo)thers from the stars speak of such a catastrophe and the evacuation happening. Very few seem to heed the words nor suspend disbelief...
As children we hear Bible stories over and over but often do not understand their meanings. As we grow older we begin to understand the deep meaning within those stories.
The megaliths were built for a specific purpose, to create more gravity by enlarging the electromagnetic field in the area where they were built...
Salutations Noah The world owes it's existence today to Noah Can anyone say a nay Hopefully not I can that say
This is a song of myself poem (formatted off of Walt Whitman's Songs of Myself).
There is a pet shop known as “NOAH”, it is also called as Inner city Zoo. Here several categories of animals sold. Several people are buying animals at this place, but the living conditions of the animals in this pet shop is not good.
What really happened to Noah? Did he actually collect the animals, two by two? Did the flood occur as it is written? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries
Pictures appeared in the September 5th, 1960 edition of LIFE Magazine with the caption "Noah's Ark?" The pictures showed an outline of a boat-like structure with a pointed prowl and rear. But, a group called Archaeological Research Foundation sent an expedition to the location to take...
A short poem, based on a true story "A Gentle Reminder"
The new generation of human races began from Noah after the great flood. From this generation, patriarchs and kings existed to lead the people. Also from this generation, major and minor prophets arrived for the purpose of spreading God’s words and commandments.
The controversy between Noah and Ham was maliciously twisted to enslave billions in the name of God
"Noah" shelter is a modern miniature version of Noah’s Ark biblical ship ready for Japan’s next tsunami.
Can’t Get Blood from a Stone is a poem about Mosquitoes sucking our blood while camping in the woods
“This broke and, Dad, I didn’t know how to tell you about it. So I came with it. You’re right, it’s beyond repair. And what Dad, I’m going to miss it.” Noah’s eyes closed and he rocked gently as he spoke. He asked all the questions in his mind. He told his Dad about meet...
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