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Only when there is limited time before the Emergency Rescuers arrive, you must follow these guidelines to buy time for the victims to be saved. Because you can neither risk the victims' safety nor your own safety.
Short biography of Charles Dawes, the 30th Vice President of the United States. Reprint of Historically Yours column which appeared in the Boonville Daily News on June 6, 2013.
There are some amazing women in our world today. One who stopped a war -- without resorting to guns, bonds, or chemical agents – is Leymah Gbowee.
It's certainly a long shot, but when push comes to shove, no one is more deserving of being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize than Bradley Manning.
Another Nobel Aspirant..This poem emanates as an instruction from my lady mentor from the continent, who is training me in the rudimensts of poetry writing.This is what a nineteen years old 's mind could achieve. My brain ceased to develop after 19 years....
Famous People Who Died On Martin Luther King Jr. Day
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