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This is a poem about the importance of writers and how they can effect change.
The number nine eleven has much importance in life. It is the number for any emergency call, if you take it as 911. It is a call for the world to think of the direction where humanity is going if you take it as 9/11. Both are important for the survival of humanity. Although the numbe...
Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian leader who was assassinated 64 years ago, created a world record in the Guinness Book. His death anniversary has made an indelible mark in the pages of history.
He was a frail man. Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, described him a “half-naked fakir”. Non-violence was his only weapon to conquer the Great Empire which did not see sunset.
Humans have experienced violence throughout the ages. History of mankind is replete with stories of bloodshed and loss of life and property. Nonviolence should be given a chance unless which it is impossible to build up a better tomorrow.
Of all the siblings of different species, the human ones require much attention and caring. Nevertheless, they are introduced with violence at the outset of their life. They are taught to accept violence, and they become violent sometimes. Nonviolence should be given a chance.
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