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Heart Attack tends to occur suddenly, and the headline of the severe pain in the chest as a result of the lack of blood in the form of inadequate to the heart muscle. When erupt these pains, many do not care to believing it as a mother, will disappear after a while. But we should not ...
Hollywood Glamour : How our society has forced a change in the idea of celebrity
A few days ago there were two of us, today, I'm just me, me and my pain. In the deep of each, there is a dark, a life, an imaginary. In the life of each one, there is a world of dreams, in the life of each one, there is a so-called love.
This one is a bit of a heavy read but relays what I believe to be a totally underestimated concept. There is no such thing as normal, we all accept that and yet we spend the majority of our lives trying to achieve the status of being "Normal". An obvious contradiction, but one that a ...
Being misfit in a society is not a crime and you need not to explain your unique conduct to anybody provided you are behaving within the legal framework. Ultimately, you prove to be more respectable than others, for your courage.
A personality may be assessed as extraordinary by one may be asessed to be abnormal by another person. It is all due to subjective assessments.
There are common people who behaves abnormally. Then why abnormal people can't consider as Common people. One need to think about it.
I found a little kitten in our laundry room. He was a little black kitten with blue eyes. I wanted to adopt him.
This blog post is dedicated to my younger sister, Rimah Izabella, for always having a smile on her face despite the fact that she doesn't have everything. She is a perfect example of someone who can make you realize that happiness and contentment go hand in hand. We all love her so mu...
Looking at a fire tree outside my window on a rainy friday the 13th.
Finally feeling normal now... How long for though??
Average duration of pregnancy is 280 days or 40 weeks. Pregnancy is conveniently divided into: 1. Early pregnancy (first 12 weeks)- First Trimester 2. Mid pregnancy (13-28 weeks)- Second Trimester 3. Late pregnancy (29-40 weeks)- Third Trimester
An 'eventful' day of cleaning a room and working for the first time as a waitress!
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