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Kim has promised he will give up WMD but one cannot be sure for he is more like the Chameleon which changes colors.
Who appointed Google the arbiter of what we can and can not read?
Sony TOP DOG Kazuo Hirai has damaged his or her silence around the hacking on the firm's computers containing been recently held accountable with Upper Korea, describing the actual attack since "vicious and also malicious".
We are all actors though most are not born to act! We play our roles and the majority takes care not to upset the apple cart of life based on give and take. Despite their noble intentions, some manage to spoil the lot through activities that leave us in misery. It is time to stick to ...
After six months of detention in North Korea, Jeffrey Fowle is free! One of three Americans detained and/or imprisoned in North Korea, he arrived home on October 22, 2014. Read about his story here.
Kenneth Bae, husband and father, is serving a 15 year sentence of hard labor for being Christian. There have been recent calls for the US to intercede for him and two others. Learn about his case here.
Read about a man that has been sentenced to life in a North Korean prison with an indefinite term of labor education. All because he decided to help the unfortunate within North Korea.
The summary execution of North Korea's number two, Jang Song Thaek, bodes ill for world peace. With many countries acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction it is time the world powers banded together for survival.
We have individual talents. We should not be restricted by success parameters highlighted by the media so that we are not short-changed in life.
When our thinking and actions are influenced by the past, history, a better world proves a mirage. When it is clear everyone yearns for peace and coexistence, why not sow the right seeds to realize the desirable goal?
This article is about North Korea's concentration camps, although they deny there existence mounting evidence suggests other wise.
Basic facts about nuclear weapons; what makes them, how many, and are they a threat.
Much has been said about North Korea and about the threats its Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, was launching against the U.S. and South Korea. The questions are: Why was he doing all that? What are the reasons behind that behavior? Keep reading and find out what's my opinion on this sub...
The Pentagon released a report this week about North Korea's growing capabilities to launch an attack on the US.
......unless you are a nonbeliever, you probably already know that this can only......
Japan will command the armed forces to shoot down any North Korean missile headed to Japan region.
We manage to complete the race of life despite the strife and challenges. In a way that makes it all worth the while. However, we have to move another notch to make our lives more meaningful and wholesome. Looking inward in contemplation for wisdom than just reacting to sounds and sig...
North Korea uploaded a propaganda video showing President Obama with flames to rally people in support for their nuclear tests. The North Korean government sees the United States as a threat to their sovereignty.
War breaks out between nations just for a heap of land or because of rulers’ ego. Who has to suffer eventually? Even if a nuclear bomb explodes in a neighboring country the impact will spread globally. Narrow minded politicians may not consider it for their temporary benefit.
On the last day of the games how did we do? A final assessment on today at the Olympic London games.
My report from the London Olympics through a Brit’s eye from a British point of view
This is yet another poetry response to Mark's challenge. Thanks again for reading.
North Korea start to declare war with United State due to the action of supporting the military training of South Korea
Communism has been a very influential movement in our age, but it's real origins are not known by many. Discover the true origin of the communist movement here, and be prepared to be surprised.
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