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This is a lustful piece of poetry prose erotica. You might not be able to handle it for it is full of sexual inclinations. Explicit yes but no more than what is happening all the time all over the world. enjoy!
This is about how judgements add to negativity and forgiveness takes you into the heart of God. Try for yourself forgiving yourself for all your judgements and feel the lightness and joy come into your beingness.
The Lord did decree that all souls as part of Him Self (or Her Self) would bring back information to He but not for long. However Ahriman the Dark Lord kept them imprisoned by his ability to give them pleasures they could not forego ... so the story goes!!...
Long before man took on a human form he was a soft floating mass but held a high spiritual consciousness that could communicate with higher Beings..all of which is lost now to most people who prefer to indulge in earthly pleasures. This is a continuation of my epic...
In the vastness of space dark forces are gathering under the rule of the Dark Lord bringing negativity and all that entails in the firmament. She standing in the power of Melchizedek changes this and LIght begins to flow again.
Continuing my epic on Cosmic Creation, the emergence of Light and Sound and mass. Chaos and the formation of man. Lots of cosmic pics and video!!!!
Spend a short time and enjoy watching the turtles in their habitat ..a pond with silvery fish, a waterfall and much tranquility. These creatures from another time and space are still with us. Take time to read this and meditate will find the peace within.
Xerxes ruled Persia until he was murdered in 465 BCE. He and his Immortals, a band of 10,000 warriors fought against the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae. They consisted of Medes, Elamites and Persians and also served as the royal bodyguard of Xerxes. There is also the karma that came ...
There are many mythical tales told, fairy tales abound with them, of how it all began many hidden behind the words, sacred scriptures to be read by those who know. This is about a journey from the Beginning of all to the End...enjoy
Women and men harbour revenge when their lovers leave or reject them. This is about such a woman and the results of her terrible rage...the video is from an incredible black and white Vampire movie by Carl Dreyer
This is about the end of justice and how others deal with the ruling of people. It is a happening in many countries nowadays but I am not pointing fingers!!! This is poetry/pose and a figment of my imagination come alive on this page.
I think we all have experienced other lifetimes in this one. Perhaps meeting someone and knowing them for no good reason. Perhaps journeying somewhere and knowing you have been there before. This piece is about this sort of thing...enjoy
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