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Mommy, daddy and I have fun in the snow. We build a snowman and give him a carrot for a nose.
A poem asking whether trains smell or not. As a frequent traveller I do get put off by the unpleasantness of a train journey due to a variety of different odours.
I had a fondness for someone and noticed a habit they had. The closer you get to a person, an individual, is the more you learn about them. You learn their foibles. Is this good or bad...?
Nose picking has been around since our ancestors lived in those large cavernous caves thousands of years ago. Perhaps the shape of these caves being cavernous like our noses points towards the real explanation why all cultures have been found to do this too. Don't let this article ge...
Snoring is typical sleeping disorders suffered by most people and can be cured through a variety of ways including surgery.
Do you know why pepper can cause sneezing? There are two main reasons why pepper can stimulate the nose and cause sneezing. Read to find out more.
Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, the Ukrainian doctor first formulated this method of Hyperventilation for treatment of Asthma.
A drawing teacher and instructor in Kerala, India started to make paintings by tongue instead of using brushes. He made several paints of great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore and Jawarlal Nehru
.... How our sense of smell works...................................
This poem is being once again posted ,as an experimental measure to see why wWikinut can't publish mine anymore
A short guide to puffin island in north wales, what lives there and what you can expect if you take a cruise
larger noses inhaled 7% fewer pollutants and they also act as a barrier to deflect germs away from mouth
I write this with a clogged nose. If you are reading this with the same predicament, read on and find out ways to declog without the need to buy expensive and unnecessary over the counter solutions.
This page is about how i got a killer keloid after nose peircing and how I disobeyed a doctor and put my faith in a jewellery shop owner ...he might not be that educated but he sure has seen a lotta keloids and peircing infections!!
Ever had a stuffy nose? Don't you hate when your nostrils get clogged up and you have to breathe through your mouth? I DO! Not long ago, my same old usual blocked nose pattern has came back to me and while I was searching for cures...
Just one sneeze is sufficient to expel mucous and salive laden with bacteria an average of 40 meters into the air with the potential to infect all who inhale it.
Do you wonder how artists can make a face look sad, provoking, mysterious, jubilant, or hilarious? Facial emotions can be achieved through shading. But let's leave that first to the artists.
A look at three adaptations of the celebrated French play. Wit, romance, tragedy - Cyrano de Bergerac has it all.
Do you know that the right and left nostril have different functions?
Good eating habits can affect the function of your sense organs. As we learn about the world around us with our sense organ, we should take care of our senses so they can work properly.
We always love bread right?But what about extreme type of bread?Will you dare to eat it?Or will you just stare it while it stares back at you...
One of my pet peeves is sniffing. It drives me nuts. Until today I just suffered in silence, but no more, from now on I'm on the war path where sniffers are concerned.
You silently fart out without anyone knowing but you yourself do not know anything about this hot air fart which you fart everytime. Wellm Check this out for something you should know which you never knew.
People have no problem spending a small fortune on clothes, shoes and jewelry, yet seem to have no money left for tissues.
The opening of the iris is called pupil. The pupil is the black portion of the eye. Pupil expands to allow more light to enter when it is dim. It also contracts to reduce light amount that enter the eye when it is bright.
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