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Nostalgia's KICKS...Drunkards don't know that when they drink they get weaked others get kicks
Taking a look a an old park that was one my playground, helping builders mix cement and doing odd jobs. Sitting with the London County Council workers are they built a park in a housing estate.
We love kisses nostalgic...In Western countries kisses are first step to intimacy be it physical sexual or just just like that
Can you talk yourself to tears? Great, so can Harrison my brother. His own sob stories make him cry on demand.
Yep, a trip down memory lane sounds sweet, now that I'm visiting the old school again where I've been to school so many years ago. But how will I find the experience?
Nostalgic clap, clap dance There are times we can never forget come what may....
This poem deals with the ups and downs of life, falling in and out of love and re-birth. Like the phoenix emerges from the ashes, so should those who have been let down by love in life, for it is not the end.
We all know the drill. Old people spend their declining years looking backwards to a better world than the one they’re living in now. They reject change and new technologies, and wonder “What’s the matter with kids today?”
Three childhood friends grow up to discover love in their own personal ways, enjoying trips together, having differences and finally patching up. Discover a fun and emotion filled journey that is Dil Chahta Hai-A 2001 Bollywood movie.
An unforgettable cricket match of the century played between two local forces which are from the battlefield of Punjab.
In a time where class communities had there own places set in society, when education was not the way out of poverty and born class culture. Did education play a part of making people unhappy with their lives as they learned there might be a better way, is ignorance bliss?
Life is for the brave ones to face the new and the unknown.
This is not an essay about WWII. But is my memories of life during the war.
This is about the art of quilt making and what it means to me.
"Deeply longing to be in the arms of someone you have been yearning to see for such a long time.."
You've all felt it before. I know you have, and if you haven't, I almost feel bad for you. I also envy you. ...
Nostalgia not necessarily should be sweet always, but it touches the heart or even penetrates into one’s heart deeply. Every human being will feel nostalgia at some specific points in his or her life. However, it is more for Malayalees, the original inhabitants of Kerala the souther...
I keep long It turns out I could not Could not not open Although I have been forced
I was inspired to write this story because of my vague memory on bicycles, how as a child I was so passionate about riding a bike and what I went through as a child during that time. in the 90's
Give because it's healthy, this personal story happened during Christmas last year.
Vidler’s Variety Store has been owned for over eighty years by the same family. You can find whatever you are looking for at Vidler’s or else the owners will get it for you. Its creaking floor boards will remind you of buildings from your childhood.
Reflections on a life that has moved into the past and comparing it to the life that has arrived to become the present.
In the Black Country towns and villages, much nostalgia involves reminiscences of long summer holidays, endless sunshine – and working holidays taken in the Hopfields. In the decades before the “Package Holiday” (and Billy Butlin) arrived on the scene, organized holidays were ...
An unashamedly nostalgic trip to days long gone. To a time only I can go to, and no others can join me, to a place far behind to long ago days.
My return to the Philippines after many decades and my amazing response upon returning...
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