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for those who want to copy text from an image this article is best for you since i have provided some step by step tips on how to copy text from an image
This is something I wasn't expecting from Samsung. I respect all the company, but with all the things that is happening. This is a let down.
How the power of music can lift you up like crazy and make a dreary world look like heaven. Live music. Live happiness. Live life.
Some people can hear music and not be touched by it, it just becomes background noise...But to someone who loves and embraces takes on a character of its very own, a persona tripping lightly amongst the notes. A poem dedicated to the special people in my life who have rece...
He seemed somewhat overshadowed by his imposing surroundings. The windows had such a clear view of the sea, and the beaches were lined with fruit trees. Everything about it, in both style and size, was suggestive of appropriate surroundings for luminaries.......
Two teenagers meet and fall in love. The girl from a good family. Thier love becomes lost love all too quickly, ended by the girl's father. The note telling him of their lost love is all the boy has, and hope.
Technolgy is going way beyond hand. people usually have the habit of penning down notes on the paper and then they type the same on their PC/Laptop.
This article contains a list who I think are the top 8 composers of classical music.
There is no time for keeping in touch anymore. Everyone seems so busy even to say hello.
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