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February 9 explosion in the engine room of NPP "Flamanville" to the north-west of France. After the explosion, there was a fire. Mild poisoning five people received no injuries. The work of one of the two nuclear reactors "Flamanville" was stopped. According to local authorities the r...
On the last Monday January 12, 2015. Scientists are incorporated in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) announced "Doomsday Clock" is in the 23:57 position or three minutes to midnight. This position is shifted over a minute faster than in 2012.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, touring Africa, welcomed Sunday intensify relations with Mozambique and signed a series of economic agreements, particularly in the energy sector.
On December 31, 2013, there were two separate underground nuclear explosions at the crippled Fukushima power plant. Strange we have heard nothing about it in the media.
The foreign policy of the United States well let's just say that change is vastly needed.
The tragedy at Chernobyl is a disaster that could happen again and this time the results could cause a major catastrophe.
Environmentalists are thrilled the coastal nuclear plant San Onofre in Southern California will be closing.
All over the world, as people take to the streets in massive numbers to protest against austerity, nuclear power, ecocide and more, the mainstream media ignores it all.
Much has been said about North Korea and about the threats its Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, was launching against the U.S. and South Korea. The questions are: Why was he doing all that? What are the reasons behind that behavior? Keep reading and find out what's my opinion on this sub...
Massive demonstrations have taken place this week in China and Japan, and at least in China, people power won the day.
In Japan, there is overwhelming opposition to nuclear power, but the government cares not for the will of the people.
U. S. provided maps showing radiation levels around the Fukishima nuclear power plant were hidden from the public by the Japanese government.
It is not possible to control the change, whoever tried paid whether it was the church before renaissance, suppression of women or genocide by Hitler. The only work which can be done is to give direction to the change.
Agni V, India's First Inter continental Ballistic Missile taking india to new heights. India joined The Elite Group Of countries having intercontinental; ballistic missile. Now India Too can hit any part of China and some Parts of Europe Too.
The news out of Japan is not good, to say the least. Radiation is at record levels.
Man is a curious rational animal and his curiosity led him to discoveries and inventions, including--why, dear Lord?--splitting the atom!
When you turn on a light switch in the house, a light comes on. The bulb lights up because it is connected to an electric current. What is it?
Just a bit about nuclear power, the great fear that people have when they hear the word.
Someone has to step in to assist Iran with their use of nuclear power for domestic use, even though everyone knows that their plans are anything but noble.
In 2009, the United States imports an average of 11,691 barrels of crude oil per day. Would not it be fantastic if we could eliminate our dependency on foreign oil producers? According to Green Freedom, a research group of the Los Alamos National Laboratories, there is a way to do jus...
The case for nuclear power and why Three Mile Island and Chernobyl shouldn't matter.
1. Introduction 2. Nuclear Energy: An Option for India? 3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Power 4. Nuclear plants are environmentally disastrous 5. How does a nuclear power plant? 6. "Our country is ready for nuclear power? 7. In conclusion 8. Bibliography
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