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Ooooo Wiki's’ Nut... Well sad this happens to be your last post here on Wiki please rethink all of you
There’s nothing wrong or offensive about this comment (in most cases), it’s just a passenger stating that she / he prefers having to be around pleasant service staff. It’s a different thing that people say it in a way that it sounds like the perception is restricted to just look...
Is it true that for love to last, you've to work on it everyday and spice it up to make it sweeter? If you're sweet and you think you deserve to be loved every day, can you love somebody every day? If so, to avoid love from running out, can you make love every day? If love can't be ma...
Here we discuss Free Will before moving on to Noah's getting drunk on the wine from his vineyard and cursing the descendents of his youngest son Ham because he had seen his father still under the influence of the wine and lying naked on the ground in his tent. Later we look at the sto...
Casting agent, Chrissy Glickman of Matador Content is giving a shout out to various paranormal teams and ghost hunting enthusiasts to see who would be interested in baring everything on camera. The call for naked ghost hunters for the new paranormal series will open up new doors of c...
It is on Hollywood celebrities scandal and leaked photos of celebrities of Hollywood and many more of Hollywood updates and much more than this
A beautiful ghost, dubbed Diana of the Dunes, by the local fishermen, for her likeness to the ancient Greek Goddess. After her death, the legend of the ghost woman roaming around near the water at Dunes State Park began not long after her demise in 1925 when locals and visitors starte...
Hip hop music has become an avenue for nudity among ladies. This trend must be check if dignity is to be restored to womanhood
Nude love A love in it's purest form albeit a misnomer
Jean Paul Reid started a company for natural cleaning that is "All naked service company, The company is offering all naked cleaning services
There was a drama that happened on flight the Rihanna 777 tour. Have you heard about it? if not or even you had,read the and understand why the nude drama in the plane.
A brief review of the Royals' (sun)bathing habits.
This work is pure imagination after a view I had unthinkable but true on the walks of Montreal...
When my husband suggested we retire to Lubbock, Texas, I was surprised. When I found out why, it all made sense. He's a man after all.
This poem took me actually a couple of months to write and if there was one request to the reader, I wish for them to stay mature. Every now and then, I like to make a poem about girls or sex and all that good stuff. But overall, it is truly something that is artistic in poetic value;...
My final response entry to Mark's Poetry Challenge. I was looking for Lady Gaga's nude photos at the porn sites but Thank you for reading.
Nice jokes for you. Read them and enjoy and be rest assured, no intention to insult or degrade any race here. They are just jokes!
Here are some stuffs to keep you brain storming even as you relax. The last teaser is definitely very easy, so enjoy.
Women's cricket has no money coming in and no sponsorship. The game is languishing and there is a need for something revolutionary. Why not have women play cricket as women and not dressed as men.?
A look at how the nude effects us and why it is so acceptable in one form and not in another.
A young man driven by lust and how he learned a great life lesson. I know you want to know what lesson he learned. So read!
The continuation of a young man driven by lust and his discovery of an important life lesson. This is too interesting for you not to read.
You may have only one chance to do the job right, and blowing that chance is not an option. Read and find out what job I'm talking about.
There’s a rumor going around that some Japanese brainiacs invented the 1st ever x-ray sunglasses. When you put them on, you can see through people’s clothing!
PLEASURES OF THE FLESH Oh, the pleasures of the flesh How sweet is the taste of a succulent breast Oh, how the loving warm embrace
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