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Ooooo Wiki's’ Nut... Well sad this happens to be your last post here on Wiki please rethink all of you
One day I get an email from Merril, the lady who organizes that Farmers Market where Mother and I saw no potential customers whatsoever when we went to check it out on Saturday. The email is a follow-up to our initial application to exhibit and sell our items at their market.
Numerology is said to be a science of your inner numbers. Is it just a pseudo-science, or not though? The author of this book has been practising numerology for over forty years, and he believes in the truth that it reveals through an in-depth study of its methods. Truth is always t...
This short story is one about two life-time friends. Every month, Jack and John would meet for a talk in Jack's house. Here we listen in on their latest talk. It is about the relationship between numerology, and prime numbers. I am sure this subject matter will prime your interest,...
This article examines the significance of numbers and why we think that mathematics is a pure or a higher science. Mathematics and its numbers are like the Tower of Babel in the bible. They can only take us so far into God's heaven. Only love can take us the rest of the way, and love...
Mathematics is a subject that should be taught both in elementary, junior high, or high school. In high school Math material usually taught is the development of materials in education before, such as logarithms. Logarithm is a Mathematical operation that is the inverse of the exponen...
Profiles of Illinois' Illegal and Legal Lottery Games
This article on numerology purports to claim that your house number has an effect on your psyche. You may not agree with this of course, but read on and see if at least some of it makes some sense to you, after all.
The so called pseudo-science called numerology is based on some fundamental principles just the same. It would not have lasted around for this long if it wasn't so. Numbers can be chanted for self-healing. Read on to see how this is done.
This is a fun piece for all writers who aspire to use words in so many ways. Be they placed on paper or on the net they can influence readers in a multitude of try to be a good influence and bring joy and fun and learning.....
This is my continued journey in allowing God to come into my life. There have been so many synchronicities, how can I not pay attention?
Here, some interesting puzzles for the people. So enjoy and increase your imagination power.
Have you ever wondered how many people were alive at a certain time of history, such as during the time of Christ? Or how many people were alive only a few hundred years ago, compared to now.
It was a bit difficult for me reaching that infamous number/age of 50, much more so than any other milestone birthday, and here I share some of those feelings about that time in my life.
Numbers have become a universal language that, once a pattern is established, can be understood everywhere. They could even be the link to future out of this world contact. Numbers are the foundation stone to every business activity.
Traveling in California is easy just follow the roadsigns, as long as you stay on a paved road, I don't feel you can get really lost. Don't take the "local" short cuts.
Do you really know when and how young children begin to write? When should we expose them to early writing experiences and opportunities? What materials and activities should we provide to enhance early writing and drawing experiences? What are some of the best places to motivate writ...
Explaining what Dysnumeracy (also known as Dyscalculia) is and its effects on the brain
Number 13 is considered as unlucky. So the theme of this article is also the same.
This random little poem came out of experimenting with a different style of writing. I designed the poem as in the form of a math problem, but its relations and metaphors hold in the form of literature and philosophy. I'll leave it to the reader to figure out the rest. Comments are op...
When you, (who stand at a precarious juncture, for whatever reason) begin the awesome unconscious probing of your inner nature, a mystifying, yet esoterically scientific approach is often helpful and appropriate. In the study of numerology, specific wave vibrations are attached (att...
The brand-name producers know that they can increase their business by building up interest in certain games.
Sacred geometry, the blue print to life and creation.
The Importance Of Ten.This is a small fun article about the number ten Both factual and funny.
The Importance of Ten. I had under taken a study of the fact that lots of poilticians come up with a ten point programme ,which ultimately collapses. This is a fun piece only..
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