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It's My little sister's birthday and mom is having a party. I learn more about my Great-Grandmother.
Poem about how people choose the wrong careers and the devastating effects it has on others due to poor performances and abuse of power.
This is a poem about meeting up with an elderly gentleman who resided in a nursing home.
I met a girl in her teens. She carved her name on the tablet of my life.
Sam requested to be removed from his ventilator and given only palliative care. What he got was euthanasia. Euthanasia is illegal in this state and many others. His death strongly resembled a prisoner execution. He was given no chance to breathe on his own. Our society condones a...
Are you ready for retirement and will it be a nice one or will you will lonely and abused in a nursing home and left to die with no one to care about you and no money to live comfortably.
If you have a senior in your home, here are some ways to care for your senior. It's costly to put them in nursing home. There are a few alternative.
Do you know how to handle an out of control mentally ill family member? There are a few things that you can do to make the situation better.
There are several nursing homes that normally care for the age and the disabled. This article explains how one should select the best nursing home to take their parents for good care.
I watched the series on ITV Mrs Biggs, with great interest. What an interesting character she is. Read on to find out more.
When two mentally ill patients at a Georgia treatment facility were allowed to leave the facility and live on their own, the ensuing legal challenge to their freedom was lost by the state of Georgia. From that time on Medicaid funds could be used to help people with disabilities and ...
An eighty eight year old Canadian WWII Veteran was snatched from his bed by an emergency response team in British Columbia.
A great number of nursing home residents never receive visitors and many of these residents will die within the first two years of living there. Are these two facts related?
Traditional nursing homes in America are set up using the Medical Model. This set up works mostly for the staff but not very well for the residents. Nursing homes should be more like home, not a hospital.
Grandma needed more care than we could give her. What would you do in this situation when there no more options?
Article about becoming and being a Certified Nurses Aide. The opportunities for Nurses Aides that are now out there.
There will come a time where you will make a decision to put your elderly loved ones in a nursing home. You really don’t have any choice about this as you may not have the necessary time in order for you to adequately care for your elderly family members yourself.
There are some very good reasons to put our Senior Citizens in jail. This thought is not mine but the implications so profound, it needs to be shared.
He lived for 95 wonderful years, but how I will miss him!
Lewy Body Disease is a horrid disease that attacks both the brain and your muscles. A combination of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's early detection is key.
The frantic morning activities on my behalf have began
Making a comfortable bled for a patient who is sick requires some skill and understanding of the patient’s needs.
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