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Can a person be born with evil intentions or are they cultivated in accordance to the environment and people they are exposed to?
My mother stayed with me recently soon after the death of her beloved husband, who she was married to for sixty or so years. The wonderful feelings I experienced in her presence have tried to be captured by me in some poetry here. I finish the article with some philosophical musing...
Loving without borders and waiting for immediate returns or favors is the key to a better world. Why not we take the logical step than waiting endlessly for others to do so? It is time to be less judgmental and do what comes naturally to us to make a better world.
There is not doubt that this person is always there despite the odds
The Mancharians challenge the conventional wisdom that what parents teach their children with their kind of rearing-methods is the correct manner of doing it. It is not their version of the truth that they should pass on to their children...unless it is one of eternal and universal l...
Is there a connection between the hustle and bustle of life and a lack of gentleness we'd otherwise wish to embody? That's the thesis here; that the gentler worldview can only be nurtured when life is made to slow down.
One can’t work successfully only from the outside in if one wants a change to be permanent and effortless for the rest of your life: there are emotional, energetic, spiritual and emotional issues attached to food, and anybody who finds him or herself eating for comfort or tucking in...
Modern man is too busy to eat properly. His mind is flying elsewhere while his mouth is munching something. That is one of the main reasons for so many modern health problems such as obesity and diet disorders.
All mothers are not equally capable of mothering, but most do the best they can. The effort itself distinguishes them from 'muthas' - Those whose lives and behaviors are the polar opposite of what we regard as maternal values.
A sister to me but also my mother in many ways. I love you Janet, for without you life would have been much worse .
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