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It’s best to have a plan and organize the trip to make the most of what New York has to offer. So let’s start with essentials for the best movie-like adventure.
New York City is known for its nightlife and the relative higher cost of everything from a penthouse apartment to a dirty water hotdog (don't ask!). These are not mutually exclusive though, you can get the good life without the high cost!
I decided to write this and share how our lifetime now is impacted by past lives and how karma plays a big part. Also it is for Franco who has re-awakened my sensuality which has been sleeping for quite a while now!!! enjoy
It is wonderful to visit the fabulous places this world has to offer...both mighty ones and the simple ones Mother Nature so amply supplies. There are those who dispute many of the things I write and that is fine with me. Some would deny the world is round but still it read...
If you love beauty and beautiful things, then a journey through the land of Ford Lininger will please you well...designer furniture and the beauty of hand made pieces...all to enjoy
There are many occasions where a limo makes more sense than other forms of transportation. Here are five...
For everyone in search of answers during a loved one's dying. In those hours after they depart what comes as memory will last for seasons. How one chooses to cope...a very personal journey. What were the feelings and thoughts surfacing during those hours?
Italy is a wonderful country full of the pleasures life can offer. Wine, food, scenery, culture they all add up to make this piece of interest. It also details one very special winery in Low Piedmont where the family who make the Moscato wines are featured.
So it's my mother-in -laws birthday today !!! Celebration is on the horizon but first my #1 Cheese Doodle and myself need to take care of some things...
Read about Michael Haar, who toured in the later years with Takashi, owns Pure Ink Ltd. in New York City and has done a lot of session work for artists worldwide.
This poem took me a small while to put together. The city I'm from is Brooklyn and ALL Brooklyn natives have similar feelings on how they feel of their streets. Brooklyn seems to be my streets. This is pretty much an ode to Brooklyn which all my ideas i worked on took me a small amoun...
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