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The United States is ready to deploy tanks, heavy weapons and five thousand soldiers in the Baltics.
The US Iran nuclear deal is being touted as a step towards a non-nuclear Iran. I am afraid people who champion all this must read the fine print of the agreement and the fact is Obama has led the interests of America down.
David Simon produced an HBO series called, "The Wire." He was invited by President Obama to the White House for this interview which was published on YouTube two days ago. The article is my reaction to the interview.
Modi for long was an untouchable, but now the USA is going overboard to woo him
An examination of Obama's policies and a comparison to the novel 1984 and the movie The Wizard of Oz.
A review and commentary on President Obama's 2015 State of the Union Address.
An opinion piece on President Obama's recent Executive Order on immigration reform.
An opinion piece on Obama care in light of the three videos of the top architect of Obama care, Jonathon Gruber, which just came to light.
Real statements by real Americans who remain anonymous are given here along with links from news sources. We can get upset about Obama with good reason but probably need to figure out a way to laugh about it also.
An examination of the mid-term elections for the Senate, House of Representatives and State Governorships.
Mid terms elections 2014 were a resounding rebuke of Obama, his policies and agenda.
The Is is the new pariah in the world and countering it wont be easy
Commentary on the way President Obama is going about dealing with the threat of ISIS.
Useful tips are given on how great America is and how to be happy with Obama. Politics and Religion are hot topics but happiness is more important.
This week the US Air force attacked ISIS and other groups in Syria, yet in August, president Barack Obama openly admitted that he did not have a strategy to combat the Jihadist ISIS group as it advances in Iraq and Syria as well as other groups across the Middle East.
Peeking into hard lives of Politicians, Presidents, their Wives, Entourage etc. Political Satire.
Bret Baier's interview of Benghazi survivors. The U.S. consulate and C.I.A. annex attack. The cover-up by President Obama and his Administration.
A list of some of the more recent lies fed to the American people. Quotes by the prevaricators.
Who is to blame for the sickness of Obamacare is discussed. The resignation of Kathleen Sebelius and the role of Obama in the new healthcare law are questioned.
Have you ever considered publishing your own books? May I help you?
Obama never fails to do a few rounds of Golf. Crisis or not, it's golf for the president.
Lately, Obama has been sending barbs to anyone disagreeing with him with the result of him sounding like a street thug instead of a president.
Eric Holder, during a George Stephanopoulos interview, again brought up he thought he and President Obama had been treated unfairly. This is my take on the subject.
Read some facts and think about Obama and the United States Of America. Form your own opinion of whether this is the worst President ever.
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