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It is definitely our choice. Every day we literally come to the crossroads of Blessing and Curse. The Blessing if you listen obediently and observe to do what God has to say and The Curse if you don’t pay attention to it but leave the road that He tells us to stay on.
Decisions, decisions, decisions! Oh! So many decisions to make! Not only for Mark and I, but the kids too. Would we make the right choices? Will we listen to God's still small voice, and be lead in the right directions, following the right paths? Will this end up being the best year e...
This section tells about how God never fails in every aspect of our life even, many people are doing wrong and disobeying His command
A word of encouragement about obedience to strengthen you as you walk with the Lord
March 06-09th 2014, will see dogs of all breeds converging on the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre here in the UK, to compete at Crufts, the largest Dog Show in the world, but just who was the man behind the show that still carries his legacy today, and when did it first begin...
Lensey Namioka is a Chinese-American author of books for children and young adults. Her stories shed light on living with one unbound foot on two cultural shores. This article reviews two of her books, Ties That Bind, Ties That Break and April and the Dragon Lady.
One of the many, (and most popular) experiements run in Psychology 101 on unsuspecting students
There are many ways to train a puppy. In fact, one entry per family in general! Most of us agree that when it comes to children, certain things are common and accepted. Here are three things that a lot of people just do not think of when it comes to raising their dogs, however. How m...
A rudimentary poem making a clear distinction between faith and fear; and how faith overcomes fear.
I wonder if we were in Ruth's situation , whether we would have obeyed Naomi's instructions ? ...But Ruth did , and she got her man!
Marriage is an institution divinely ordained by God. It is the coming together of a man and a woman to live together under same roof as husband and wife. The man and the woman will come together in marriage until death parts them. Marriage is the only institution on earth where cert...
There are specific guidelines set forth in The Word of God to empower our prayer life. Prayer provides us with a relationship with God. We praise Him and we come to know Him better.
Sometimes downright cynicism gets the best of me, as evidenced by this poem.
A quick overview of the basic obedience experiment using online publishing as an example
Why do we do the things that we do? What motivates us? Even to do good things, our motivation needs to be pure.
Many may wish to follow a godly way of life but the flesh keeps resisting it. The spirit of most people are willing but their fleshes are weak. I advice such people to follow their thirst.
Did you know that today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day? I called a dozen well educated friends on the telephone this morning and asked them if they knew what today was and I received some mighty intriguing responses, but none of those responses was “National Dress Up Your Pet Day...
No one suspects a kidnapping to take place. It's a horrific ordeal for all of those involved. But when cirmcumstances present the matter to include parental trust being abused, in addition to the child being taken away, the scenerio grows in multi-dimensions of unimaginable proport...
God is great and kind. He never expects us to perform things beyond our capacity. From our side we are just to obey and live in his Love. We do our might and leave the result to God.
Obedience is the step of faith and the virtue most liked by God. It brings blessings of God abundantly.
Obedience is the virtue most liked by God. Those who were obedient to him and were faithful to His commandments were raised to greater glory.
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