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Tips to loose weight, given the fact that you follow at least 10 to 15 of these steps you are most likely to lose weight. It might take some time though but continuity is what really matters.
Non-communicable are undeniably the leading cause of death in the world, representing more than half of all annual deaths which include over an estimated one million deaths among adolescent’s that were mainly preventable or treatable causes.
Living at high altitudes not only provides breath taking scenery but can give your health a boost to better health
Childhood obesity is more than double compared to thirty years age. Various factors contribute to childhood obesity with one of them being certain types of foods.
According to the US Preventive Task Force physicians should screen children and teens for obesity and encourage behavioral interventions to improve weight status.
Petros has really been irking me. For some reason, he is extremely critical of my movie series, "The Future". He barely ever watches it and doesn't know much about it, but that doesn't stop him from being very vocal of his critisism.
Some months ago, I realized I'm right there again: Fat as crap. Why does this keep happening to me!!!
So my fat brother Petros tells me today that finally he knows how to get his fatness under control.
Well I posted before about my fat brother Petros' escapades and ridiculous thinking. Here's a new dose:
Autism is on the rise and researchers are still trying to understand this neurological disorder and how to prevent it.
Once fat, you're always known as the fat person. Being fat is a sin and a crime in today's society, and slimming down after being fat doesn't mean you lose that label.
I think obesity is really robbing women of their feeling of dignity. We're going to have to do something about mankind's food that is destroying their DNA turning them into cancer-suffering fat blobs of disease.
Are feet a fat storing area? Usually when we think about what areas of our bodies we'd like to slim down, we usually think for men it's the fat round sack of a belly, maybe even the chest when it starts to look like wabbly boobs, the pop-out fold just under the chest on both sides, ...
"I look at least better than you", says Petros self-believing to me, as part of his sudden uncalled-for gibberish about my eating eggs before bedtime, which of course set him off insulting me as always about how I'm just fat garbage.
The following article is based on the 2012 statistics. I was not able to find a more recent report.
Low sperm count is a factor in a couple's inability to conceive. A new study points to a fatty diet as being a factor in low sperm count.
We all know just how much the summer months can test your resolve to exercise. Here are some of my top tips to ensure that you commit to a dedicated fitness regime and avoid the temptation of a quick trip to the pub with friends.
This is my personal journey from bad health to good health. I let myself go for so long that I knew if I was to live I had to do something about it.
This is the beginning of my health issues concerning my liver.
There are several conditions which can disrupt sleep and in turn affect a person's health or mental health. Today we will talk about restless leg syndrome.
Want to loose weight as much as 5kg? Here are guides and ways to help you trim down fast.
Losing our Mediterranean diet will mean that we'll have lost one of the most important treasures in Europe.
Obesity is a medical condition in which excess fat gets accumulated in the body causing health problems. Check out the alarming facts about obesity
This is a poem for those who have ever been made fun of due to their weight. It is a tough life and even if you are trying to lose the weight some people will judge you no matter what.
Obesity is mostly takes place due to overeating but it can also happen due to mental tensions. Read the article to know more...
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