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Osborn has really been getting annoyed at that chick whom he's had a baby with. She keeps bothering him for... well he didn't know what anymore, because he pays alimony of R600 every month and doesn't know what more she wants.
The media makes a massive play on how people look, commenting on what people wear and the things they own, but is vanity a good thing or and unhealthy obsession.
Danny had loved Mia since they were very young children. Thoughts of her dominated his whole life, and he could think of little else. So how could he win her love? Read on to find out more.
As writers, it is our job to find our story ideas and topics for essays anywhere. One main source for stories is the family. Some writers tell all, holding nothing back. I, on the other hand, have never felt comfortable telling family secrets. My family, however, has never hesitated t...
Obsessive relationships can either start as a normal relationship between a couple or as a chance meeting when one person imagines more took place than actually did. Obsessive relationships can also start out as a friendship. No matter how the obsession began, the people involved need...
In life we all need something to look forward to. Somehow, just getting up in the morning, having that first cup of coffee and going into our day is not enough.This poem is about what takes place when the person anticipates having a relationship with another person.
As Exam week draws to a close, Felipe and Andrew realize that the will miss each.
An obsessed mind does not listen. It just follows and a vicious compulsive behavior sets in. Lets follow our passions but restrain from obsessions!
Do you like football? Well, I do, but I'm concerned at what I perceive as Fans Behaving Badly! All around the country whether at the pro, college, or even at the high school level the mania with football in these United States appears to be getting out of control.
Well a question always arises that whether love is better or lust solve the mystery yourself..!! :P
Passion and obsession are human weakness some accept others don't
L stands for lovely faced; O for obsession overloaded; V for violet colorfully; E for elegantly, Yours Always…. Two Love Poems by WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Am I looking at my reflection? Or is my reflection looking at me?
This piece accomplishes two things. First, you learn how much writing means to me Secondly, I give you a taste of a run of the mill paragraph (that I created just for this example), and follow up with a paragraph that basically says the same thing. However, I hope that you will see t...
A Korean model who was obsessed with silicone injections and was addicted to plastic surgery resorted to inject her face with cooking oil.
Not all dreams can be brought into reality. Not all planning can be implemented. I must be able to live and survive
In writing for Got Questions ( ministries, I was asked to address whether a person can be obsessed with God. Here's my response:
I decided to compile some sex Quotes as my first contribution to this site, as a newbie here, I hope your Old members would enjoy this. I dedicate this article to Funom Makam for bringing me into this community and I hope he excels the way I intend to.
After splitting from a 7 year relationship, I found a lovely man... Who would have thought after 6 months of being together, realising I didn't feel that strongly for him, saying it was over would tip him over!?
Isabel could feel her world collapsing around her, and the felt no-one cared. She loved her sister Katy, but why did she when she kept betraying her? Read on to find out more.
Through 3 episodes, we have talked about Love, its stages, how it is categorized and the characteristics of each of its stages. As we already know, its stages are firstly the attraction and then Love itself. Now let's combine the two and see what we can learn.
From the first article in this series, we took our time to know the categories and stages of Love. Attraction is the first out of the two stages of Love and now we want to spend more time knowing what it is about, how relevant it is to Love and when we know we are engrossed in it.
Love has many faces. Obsession is just one of them.
In a society that is obsessed with fame, fortune and beauty, it is a wonder how anyone can genuinely feel a profound sense of satisfaction within themselves.
If you can pass a bookshop without wanting to go in then you have more self restraint than I. This poem is dedicated to all who are always in some other fantastic world found between the pages of their latest book.
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