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In 2012 Occupy Wall Street was born out of economic depression. People stormed Wall Street in protest of high financiers gouging the public. A study was conducted which found that bankers in general may have low moral standards when dealing with the public.
An experience which demonstrates the nature of poverty in India
The demonstrations happening in downtown New York have become the talk of the world and have spread to large parts of it. This revolt will not be trivialized.
Senator McCaskill meets occupy the voting booths founder Greg Stomberg at a town hall meeting in doniphan MO before the big 2012 election.
Defense lawyers turned the table on prosecutors in the first trial of an Occupy Wall Street demonstrator, gaining an acquittal for their client.
The central premise of Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots, that of the figurative 99% versus the 1%, is a sham, even if its supporters don't know it. The inclination to simplistically divide society into the mega-rich and everyone else is not only unrealistic, it's idiotic. Greed in...
Police over-reaction continues at Occupy Los Angeles, as peaceful protesters take to performing sidewalk art.
Governments are cracking down and interfering with the people's right to know. This is a frightening development which should concern all of us who value democracy.
Bill 78, a new law enacted in Quebec, imposes draconian penalties for exercising free speech.
Members of the city council in New York City have brought suit against its police force for its excesses at Occupy demonstrations.
The signs of a crumbling American empire are all around us, and we shall soon need to find a new way to live if we are going to survive.
This is a column about Occupy Wall Street and it's May Day March.
It seems that we, the taxpayers, bought Bank of America to the tune of about a trillion dollars or more, so why shouldn't we just move in?
Now that spring has arrived the occupy movement is being resurrected.
Those poor CEO's on Wall Street. How will they ever make do?
Occupy Wall Street has re-energized in Zucotti Park, a.k.a. Liberty Plaza.
George Clooney was arrested yesterday in Washington,D. C.
Democratic sytems are unraveling, coming unstuck. Though freedom is achieved after sterling sacrifices, the coterie of leaders and political parties are locked in endless politicking, putting paid to meeting even the basic aspirations and needs of common people.
After four months, protesters have been evicted from their encampment at St. Paul's Cathedral.
If you engage in protest or civil disobedience in America, the state will label you an enemy.
Joachim Gauck will be the next German president. How did this controversial conservative gain this kind of power? A subjective comment/analysis
Even if you're minding your own business, watch out for out-of-control cops.
In Oakland, the police, ordered by a mayor who has done a comeplete about face from hedr orignally supportive stance, are out opf control.
From Tahrir Square to Moscow to Liberty Park, we are a SWARM.
Incredible works of art have come ourt of the Occupy movement. Here is a small sampling.
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