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Your achievements in this life, however extraordinary they may be, will not last the inescapable ravages of eternity. Everything is destined to be destroyed in a manner as if those never existed.
Desalination is a process of removing salt and mineral from water so it can be used by humans.
Written for my beautiful girlfriend, a poem about being lost and found again.
We discuss some behind the scenes fun facts about this fun chapter of the Miauli series, "Captain Miauli lends the use of his ship to Leopoldt the tiger".
When a romantic holiday in Mallorca turns horrific, the author must act beyond what she thought she was capable.
Have you ever come back from a long absence and noticed how much things have changed? I enjoyed many a day on the beach as a child, pretending that mermaids exist. I come back to the same area years later to find environmental degradation.
Leopoldt the tiger wants to trade the use of Miauli's ship for something Miauli can use to get settled on Music Island.
The problem with being a giant sea serpent, is that you're too big to be played with other than by other sea serpents. But that's not going to stop Seeslang the sea serpent, as Miauli finds out in horror...
Miauli the cat and Veertjies the bird finally find out what has been bumping into their ship - and it's shocking!
While on their way to Music Island, Miauli the cat and Veertjies the bird seem to have their ship attacked by something unknown! Are they in danger now?
Miauli the cat runs into a screaming bird sitting on the ground like a sitting duck. How dangerous!
And on the however manyeth day I created the oceans and the seashores, and I stoodeth back and sayeth: It is good.
And now, the end is near, and so we pack, our bags for certain. My city, you shall stay behind, you cannot come with me, because you're a city and you're immovable. I've lived, my life while I was here, breathing the air, and eating food yeah, but most of all, I did it whichever way...
Under the patronage of the king of Spain, in 1519, he started on a voyage with 5 ships and 243 men
Molly's family is stranded at home because of the summer storm. Molly escaped from the beach house and made her way to the boardwalk. She's sound asleep under a picnic table waiting for the storm to let up. Her plan is to walk to the police station for help.
A storm is brewing and there's weather alerts along the coast. The day is spiraling out of control. Dad's on the boardwalk chasing the bad guys. Molly's being held captive against her will and Milly's home packing to leave the beach.
Molly and Milly are grounded and Dad is venturing out on his own. Milly is spending her time packing to go home and Molly is trying to figure out how to go undercover without Dad finding out.
Molly's being held captive at the beach house and it looks like she's not going to be able to get out of this predicament on her own. The bad guy wants to get rid of Molly because he thinks she knows too much. Molly's starting to get nervous and she needs a plan.
Milly's been up all night guarding the compound. She scared off an intruder in the middle of the night. She turned on the spot light and watched as he ran down the beach. It's a new day and Molly's got a plan.
Dad, Molly and Milly have just arrived home. They've been to the library and the carnival. Dad borrowed some maps from the library and wants to do some research. Molly's a little out of sorts because she ran into the guy who put them in lockup. Milly is hot.
Milly has just informed Molly of what she discovered on the internet. Molly is very impressed with Milly's research. The girls have decided to put their thinking caps on and come up with a plan to find the murderer.
Milly's been surfing the net over the last few days. She's been investigating murders and robberies around the country. There was some very interesting information in one of the Phoenix newspapers. Milly's made up her mind to share her discovery with Molly, but she's decided against t...
Molly needs access to Dad's computer. She's decided to branch out on her own and try to find out who murdered the guy on the beach. Molly's got some leads but she's keeping them to herself. Milly has a few of her own.
Molly did a little investigation on her own and now she's back home with her family. It had been a long walk back from the victim's beach house and Molly is tired. Her paws hurt and she has a little sunburn. She's going to continue looking for clues without involving Dad.
It's a bright and sunny day in Carolina Beach. Dad had met with the detective that was assigned to the murder case. Today the investigation would begin in full force. Molly had an idea. She was striking out on her own. This was something new for Molly because she usually had Dad ta...
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