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Autism is more widely known about, but there are still lots of children and adults who go undiagnosed, and need help. Read on to find out more.
Father and I are on our way to Unitown. The plan we discussed during our assembly, led by Jake Mervin on Friday, was that Father and two farmers would pick him up and then go to Pretoria, where they would see all the important people that can help fight the water pollution.
I wrote these while engaging with the Zen Zion Coptic Orthodox Church, they are a bit Zen Absurdist Poems that I hope you find funny, weird, and enjoy.
This is a introduction to who I am and how my family plays a part in it all. I write a lot about my family and felt it a good idea to explain the finer points. The experts say to write about what you know and what better does one know about than their family? The basic situation is pu...
American Football is a popular game. My grandsons love it and get excited while watching it on TV. I, however, find it a funny game.
Welcome to the world of O. D. D. Cummings. I love writing short stories and poetry in my spare time. I recently wrote a theme poem for my homepage and wished to share it here.
You're going to hate me for this post. I'm about to ruin your day. These little tidbits of knowledge need to roll around in your head and ruin a few fun things like they've done for me. So, if you don't want to know, quit reading right now.
Just some random things that pop into my head. You may find some funny, you may find some stupid, you may find some downright disturbing.
A small poem all about being odd…oh, and fairies too! Yeah, mostly fairies.
Odd poem, almost eclectic. Enjoy or not. I don't know how I even feel about this!
Being born to a simple family and growing up in a rural community, has taught me a lot. In everyday living, you don't always have to be genius to get through. Most of the time, all you need is a simple common sense to solve simple household problems. I have listed down a few househol...
"Nothing left to do, waiting for miracle to come" a line from a song, I just like this idea if there is miracle, I want it to be myself.
The Victorian sensation novels, with their lurid tales of bigamy, lies, secrets, drugs and heroines in peril, were accused of "supplying the cravings of a diseased appetite". They also supplied fame and fortune for Wilkie Collins, who began the genre with the fantastical convoluted a...
Weird things that sold by people around the world that you can never imagine.
Parents and children can be different but non as different as this.
Television is the great teacher, the almighty mother and father and brother and sister. This is what I have learned from the great one.
They're more dynamic and fantastically incredible than you'd think.
Another poem obviously written by me. And again, There could be a double meaning. Dont hold your breath.
A simple poem I've written. I guess you can say there is a double meaning here.
A simple poem I wrote. Amazing what you come up with in the middle of the night.
A simplte poem that I fell in love with as soon as I had written it!
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