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Some selected poems from early years that speaks volumes in few lines and the compelling jpy of writing such form of literature by the author with bonus slideshow of original personal artworks that served as inspiration over the years.
A collection of the oldest known verses expressing the beginning of The Epic of Gala. It draws a connection to the Zanar Mythology.
This is all about the eternal quest for balance and harmony that those born under the sign of Libra search for. The questioning, the knowing and the way through it all comes forward when balance is achieved...not always a physical happening put that in your pipe and smok...
These two poems celebrate the unique beauty of, first an apple and then some tulips.
Moderation need not be a final condemnation, Or an "Agree to Publish" is, of course, always welcome. A few rounds of verbal banter and/or discussion Might give an opportunity for some more revision.
Her's a little ode to all the Republicans whio make our day every day with what issues from their mouths.
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