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In my entire career I am exposed and involved on various office drama. No one wants drama because it will only get you or someone else fired. It range from childish to serious sorts which threatens and sabotage careers. When drama was staged, productivity was reduced by diverting en...
The Open Office suite is a freeware suite of software. The software suite has word processing, spreadsheet, drawing, presentation, database and maths software included.
Using spreadsheets, Excel or otherwise, will involve basic formula. Here are some good tips that will get you started.
The MS Excel spreadsheet software is the spreadsheet software included with the MS Office suite. As such, the Excel software is the spreadsheet of choice for Windows. However, there are still plenty of good spreadsheet software alternatives to Excel. They include both freeware and non...
Excel functions refer to the mathematical features it has. Functions such as maths and trig, to financial and statistical. The average user will likely not make use of a fraction of those available, but there are a few that can be very useful.
The PC has a range of business software ideal for businesses. Be it for finance, marketing, web authoring, or word processing there is some good software around. So, here is some recommended business software for Windows.
Microsoft Office is one of the best office suites. With it, there is software such as Ms Word for word processing, Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets, and Microsoft Access for databases. Such software can be great for a variety of applications, and to get the most of Microsoft Office it...
Writer is the word processor of the OpenOffice suite. Overall, there are a number of options and features which can be noted for Writer documents. Consider some of the following tips.
The OpenOffice suite is a freeware office suite. It has a variety of software applications such as spreadsheet, word processor, drawing, database, presentation and math software.
Like Excel, the Open Office suite has its very own spreadsheet application. Calc provides an alternative to Excel, and the two packages do share many features and options.
This article includes a brief history of the MS Office suite.
The MS office software suite is one of the best. It has a good variety of office software such as word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and database. Here are a few of the office software included with the MS suite.
Office software can be of a variety. Essentially, it refers to application software such as word processor, spreadsheet, database etc. However, office software can also be extended to other software such as graphics, art and design and accounts.
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