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In my entire career I am exposed and involved on various office drama. No one wants drama because it will only get you or someone else fired. It range from childish to serious sorts which threatens and sabotage careers. When drama was staged, productivity was reduced by diverting en...
Politics in workplace is something you can't avoid in huge or even in small companies. And developing political competence is not a choice but mere a neccessity. Below are some points on how to manipulate and play politics without selling your soul.
Ergonomics is the scientific discipline of the human interaction among humans and elements of a system. In other words, it is the study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body and its cognitive abilities. It is a very important discipline for it can vastly improve ...
This page is about how you can make it work along with your irritating coworker
Top 10 reasons why you should attend a seminar!
Suggestions and ideas on how to decorate the walls of a home office. From themes, to family photos, giving your home office walls a life can aid in the enjoyment and well-being of working at home.
The ways you keep your working desk tell your bosses how you work. They can have a glimpse of how you do your job just by looking at your table. Many workers think that if they leave their desks with too many items on top of them, it will give an impression to their superiors that the...
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