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Indian domain investor blackmailed for years by intelligence and security agency officials wasting Indian tax payer money
Bank fixed deposits, NSC, KVP are not safe investments in India as corrupt dishonest intelligence agency officials will steal the documents after making fake black money allegations, to force their victim to agree to identity theft
Jealous, incompetent, unprofessional casteist top officials in indian intelligence agencies are making completely fake financial fraud allegations against engineer, wasting tax payer money.
The shocking story of how incompetent dishonest officials waste huge amount of indian tax payer money and resources to defame, cheat, exploit harmless investors for more than 5 years without any proof at all.
Indian internet companies are far worse than Amazon, yet no one documents their atrocities, exploitation of harmless webmasters, domain investors
A look at the double standards of powerful officials who are involved in cheating, resume theft and corporate espionage, who refuse to acknowledge their mistake, and complain when their victim will protest against their fraud
How greedy fraud powerful officials make it difficult to do business in India unless they get a stake
How the cunning top officials in the indian internet sector rewards liar and blackmailers for making false allegations against a harmless innocent single woman engineer to destroy her reputation, career and finances
This page is about how you can make it work along with your irritating coworker
Cases of electrocution of persons and animals coming in contacts with the live wires are a common thing in U.P. without any awakening in the official circles. The practice of employing unskilled workmen for maintaining high voltage lines is continuing.
New electricity connections are being discouraged by the officials for not increasing their work loads and continue thefts of electricity in the state. If any person insists on taking a connection, he/she is asked to pay a bribe for the connection.
In Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) state of India, electricity supply to consumers is handled by state-owned corporations, hence all officials responsible for matters of electricity get benefits of being the state government employees. The greatest of these benefits are dereliction to their duti...
The consumers in the villages get electricity for only 30 percent duration of what they must get, with rest of the electricity being supplied to unauthorized consumers by the officials for their personal gains. The maintenance workers are unskilled, very low-paid and in very less numb...
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