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A DUI accident killed a man in 2007 and his mother remembered him as a tough quiet guy.
If you are traveling on historic Route 66 in Oklahoma you might want to consider making a wine stop in Stroud at StableRidge Vineyards. I made a stop at the modest winery that offers a tasting room in the town's original Catholic church. The building was started in 1898, using materi...
A short story on my ups and downs with slot machines.
We'd prompt against holding your breath sitting tight for this one to really be constructed, yet thatthe existing parking structure as of now spotted at the site the building would be clad in glass,if it proceed, the Tulsa Tornado Tower will be a blended utilization constructing and ...
Gordon William Lillie, better known as Pawnee Bill and his beautiful wife May enjoyed entertaining people, and in 1888 launched their own Wild West show so that they could share their creative forces with the world. The ranch comes alive as storytellers invite you to walk through the ...
America was the land of opportunity, and when President Lincoln signed the Homestead Act of 1862, thousands of people accepted the challenge. Original column was published in the Boonville Daily News on May 15, 2012.
I sure wish I had taken better of my first car...especially the oil changes.
The gentleman in this article, Gregory, has given us his permission to share his story with you which concluded his transition to the next realm or ‘Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to move on. – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Only those of us who live thru horror can know the depths of what it holds. Oklahomans are persevering in the midst of tremendous heart aches. Read on and experience the rollercoaster of feelings and emotions that Oklahomans have suffered during the recent tornadic outbreaks!
When tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma this past week, teachers risked their own lives as they protected their students from harm. Yet, every day, thousands of ordinary teachers quietly help children cope with problems such as poverty, family violence and abuse. That's why teachers a...
A three kilometre wide tornado devastated Moore city on Monday, May 20,2013. 24 were found dead & 200 injured. There were no reports of Filipinos casualties hurt so far.
Photographs of the tragedy of Oklahoma's mega-tornado yesterday don't begin to show the full magnitude of the devastation and heartbreak, which is even worse than we can imagine from looking at the pictures below.
Winning Oklahoma lottery games such as Hot Lotto, Mega Millions, Powerball, and Oklahoma Cash 5, is much easier with proven effective strategy for these lotto games.
The Trail of Tears is the name given to the forcible removal of Native Americans of the southeastern United States to Oklahoma in the 1830's. It is a sad tale.
Even during the winter time, there are activities you can partake in if you live or are visiting Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
For those reading and following this story, I am sure that you can relate to the stench that comes from it. Here is an individual (Ambrose Martinez) with serious psychological problems that need to be addressed.
Here in my artcile, i wanted to give details in brief about the tragedy that hit oklahoma in the early months of 2010.
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