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I wish to share an incident for the information of the readers as to how far the old aged and others can be helped in kind rather than cash
We all grow old, I have always wondered what I might think when I look at myself at a later age.
In the middle of my garden, there is a stand of assorted trees about 20-25 feet high and 20 feet around. A few feet away standing in long grass, another slightly smaller stand that is now blocking the entrance to a small wooden shed that's grey with age. They appear to be very old, an...
This article gives tips on how one can make it too see our 100th bithday
When my daughter asks me something, I have been very polite in answering.
It is almost unavoidable for an old age person to come across several types of social isolation in his/her last part of life. As age advances, more and more old age people incline to feel lonely in their life.
Aging brings countless serious problems and if these problems are not addressed at appropriate time then they might turn into big troubles. During old age not only physical changes are observable but lot many social and psychological changes are also noticeable.
This is our future too but who cares when read on...
Everyone have dreamed about growing old with somebody they truly love. So many memories are to be remembered together for the remaining times of your lives. And most importantly, your love between you and your lifetime partner is to be cherish the most.
For an octogenarian husband and wife traveling down Route 66 is a very different route than the one portrayed in the TV show of the same name.
According to European scientists will be Alzheimer's disease along with other forms of dementia by one of the biggest problems during the 21st World Health century. Total cost of treatment at this year should rise to 604 billion U.S. dollars, which is one percent of world GDP.
Carrot and Broccoli are the finest source of nutrition. Carrot and Broccoli improves human’s immunity system. Both vegetable are available in approximately all parts of word.
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