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My father was in a nursing home for a few years before he died there. Here is a write-up about one such visit that I made to visit him there. I spent more time that day chatting with another old resident of that home. Perhaps it was meant to be, because the next time when I visited,...
I wish to share an incident for the information of the readers as to how far the old aged and others can be helped in kind rather than cash
The Aged worldwide face unique manifestations of based upon history, culture, economic strength and societal perception of the elderly
We all grow old, I have always wondered what I might think when I look at myself at a later age.
In the middle of my garden, there is a stand of assorted trees about 20-25 feet high and 20 feet around. A few feet away standing in long grass, another slightly smaller stand that is now blocking the entrance to a small wooden shed that's grey with age. They appear to be very old, an...
We all know the drill. Old people spend their declining years looking backwards to a better world than the one they’re living in now. They reject change and new technologies, and wonder “What’s the matter with kids today?”
I guess everyone in this hole life's never realize that everything happen because of one thing, because when we are successful or be a winner, we are sadness or be a loser, then we are interest, hate, pain, poor, rich, sick, health, apology, come and go also whatever things have been ...
Whether a person should continue to live in the same city even after retirement? Moving out to home town for more peace, less din and little serenity is a natural feeling.
A cat is different from other pets and adored by most in the family. over a period of time they became part of the family, though their offspring would have arrived.
Ole man in the sea This is a unique attempt at composing poetry at the level of two genre Hope it meets with your level
This article gives tips on how one can make it too see our 100th bithday
We are all born--i.e. (re)incarnate--to experience the world. It is toward deeper down our twilight years from our salad days that the mystery begins to unfold, the deterioration of physical strength and specially mental functioning. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
When my daughter asks me something, I have been very polite in answering.
Every life has its pain and trauma within it. Love helps, but sometimes we also need to become aware of what is really going on under its surface too, in order for us to inject some fresh love into a situation that needs us to connect to it with our love as well.
I just had another review of my life during my sleep last night. I saw the good, the evil, the sin, and some of the right things that was done. All of it has made me to be ever so thankful to the LORD for saving me. God is good all the time and in every circumstance of life God is goo...
A confused old lady was getting quite demanding as she obviously thought she was in a hospital.
We all get old that is true, but our mind never seems to get as old and as fast as our bodies. I am sure many of you will know just what I mean
A poem about the loss of the ability to remember and see for old age people
This shows my feelings about speaking as I get older
A man reflects on his life life as he has gotten older. Some people feel that they should act old as they age; others live life to the fullest, enjoying it while it lasts.
Read to know about some simple tips that I discovered trying to take care of my parents while I am away from them on work
Aging is a life long process. Healthy aging is a challenge for all researchers of many faculties, and a challenge for all practitioners, for all human being, working with the old age people.
Everything about water.Is healthy or not?And if its not healthy,why not.How can we make it healthy.
Age is a crucial aspect of mental disorders. A high degree of disorders is seen in old age. Besides Alzheimer's, old people also go hard with a number of other mental health problems.
It is almost unavoidable for an old age person to come across several types of social isolation in his/her last part of life. As age advances, more and more old age people incline to feel lonely in their life.
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