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In the middle of my garden, there is a stand of assorted trees about 20-25 feet high and 20 feet around. A few feet away standing in long grass, another slightly smaller stand that is now blocking the entrance to a small wooden shed that's grey with age. They appear to be very old, an...
This is a popular cheat on which victims are as guilty as those ones that perform it. Is it ignorance or is it that the victims are trying to use an alleged situation for their own advantage?
Ole man in the sea This is a unique attempt at composing poetry at the level of two genre Hope it meets with your level
Just an offbeat, humorous short-story on the perils of victims of a certain crime act.
Old people take it granted that they can drink alcohol moderately. But as people advance in age their metabolism and alcohol tolerance becomes weaker. Hence even moderate drinking may not be beneficial for their health.
Physical and social activities will help boost general health for seniors.
This is our future too but who cares when read on...
What is behind the watery eyes of the grey-haired woman sitting at the gate of the Senior Citizens' Home? Who is she waiting for?
Age is just a number An attitude makes all the difference and this is what I show to you about being old.
How the old man enjoyed the last few moments of his life.
This is an example of special terms used by senior citizens or about them
For the developed nations, underpopulation is not a good idea at all. Though it may not be recommended to developing nations as well, because this will also kill the little production they generate and hence a fall in the nation's economy.
Old couple who explicitly shares their sweetness fascinates me. Hence, i wrote a poem about growing old together.
Looking at the way some family members treat their geriatric members.
Since living seems to be bad for our health, why haven't the doctors fixed it, yet?
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