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Ole man in the sea This is a unique attempt at composing poetry at the level of two genre Hope it meets with your level
A confused old lady was getting quite demanding as she obviously thought she was in a hospital.
This is our future too but who cares when read on...
What is behind the watery eyes of the grey-haired woman sitting at the gate of the Senior Citizens' Home? Who is she waiting for?
Ruth was gleaning in Boaz's fields , and he had noticed her and liked what he saw and heard about her ...but how did she catch his eye ?
A dear friend is fading fast from this life - someone I have known and cared for for many years - soon she will leave this old world for a better place .
Everyone have dreamed about growing old with somebody they truly love. So many memories are to be remembered together for the remaining times of your lives. And most importantly, your love between you and your lifetime partner is to be cherish the most.
Sometimes, life seemed to be a great burden in which there was no charm or attraction, because, no one of own blood and flesh to look after. So, a relationship may needs for leading life where the time remains as an old temple.
In our minds, there is a certain section known as tradition. There is a happy tradition when a baby is born as well as tradition of burying the dead. That is terrestrial. One of the favorite eons of tradition is witchcraft, a subject so universal and easily perceived.
Old age is nearing the end of life cycle. It is a boundary line between middle age and old age. People are considered to be old when they retire from the services or when they become grand parents.
Background Wilma Rae Downs, a 69 year old woman, whose world is falling apart, has lived, undisturbed, way back up in the mountains, with virtually no contact from the outside world. Now, her world, uninvitedly, is being invaded by Government Folks who threaten...
Parents today do not realize that they have a responsibility to train up their children.
Respecting the remains of a human body is one thing, but cherishing it as some sort of shrine, is quite another.
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