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Gus Kenworthy is not a normal 24-year-old. He is the top freeskier on the planet, an Olympic medalist, a face of the X Games. He is a tip top competitor contending in the realm of activity games As such, he is a competitor with a great deal to lose. In any case, Gus Kenworthy is prepa...
This article is about LeBron James’ accomplishments during the 2012 NBA season and the Olympics.
Former 1500 meters world record holder tells CNN’s ‘African Voices’ how he’s nurturing Tanzania’s next team for the Olympic games
The Paralympic Games is an international multi-sport event, involving athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities, including mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness, and cerebral palsy.
As history would have it, two sisters who are considered tennis stars in the United States took their raving and excelling skills to the Olympics, 2012 in London. Everyone around the world had their eyes on these two sisters to see if they would indeed stand their ground and win amon...
The countries of the world were optimistic before the results of the Olympic Games but were disappointed afterwards.
What to look forward to at today's games with just one more day to go after today, we comes to the finals
Glued to the television, watching the sixteen year-old olympian gymnast- hoping that she could conquer this competition. Why? She is so young and so good! Oh yes, and she is an African American girl, first of the kind! If she went on to win, she would not only be recognized as a youn...
Another look at what to expect at today's Olympic games.
All the winners and looser's from today's Olympic games
A look from a British point of view on the games today Monday 6th.
Must not miss moments, from today's olympic games, could it be any better than yesterday? with Basketball, handball, Hockey, Volleyball, Water Polo, Cycling, Rowing and so much more
My report from the London Olympics Let take a look At Super Saturday at the London Olympics.
The memories will fade away, once gold winners swipe the floor ,leaving it behind to be swept away ,as a memory of yesterday
This is a poem written to honor the Kenyan champions. It may not be a perfect sestina poem because it utilized some flexibility. The poem seeks to honor the Kenyan champions and make a prayer for victory. The poem also lets Kenyan runners know how much their homeland is proud of their...
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