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One percentage of the population holds ninetynine percent of the wealth. The poor are continually given their money to the rich. It is time we turned the tables and started to keep the money in the hands of "the little people". How to be smart with your money.
Everybody wants to make money. But little do we realize or admit that money is energy that is abundant throughout the universe, not a particular commodity like coins, bills and cards, but the essence of money is the abundant energy all around us as a genuine commodity.
Despite what the merchants of selfishness and greed want to make us believe, raising the minimum wage is the very best way to jump start the economy.
In a case that reveals how selectively we prosecute crime in this country according to a person's means, the unthinkable has happened: setting a child rapist free because he is a member of the DuPont clan.
The sales of very high-end luxury goods are booming all across the world. Let's take a look at the goodies the uber-rich are consuming these days.
Indeed it is true - the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer, as income inequality is now greater than ever, particularly in the United States.
From the Let Them Eat Cake Department: Republicans in Congress have eliminated food stamp assistance for 1.3 million people today, December 28th, so wouldn't it be great if those unfortunate people could be helped out by those lucky people on Wall Street?
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