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A walk in the countryside gets rid of the cobwebs, makes a person feel alive and happy. Like they have done something constructive with their day.
Are you being a real friend if you constantly say yes to the demands of others without taking your needs into account? How might it be to say no to someone else so you can say yes to yourself?
This article gives the characteristics of an Open Minded Person
Though we pass many milestones in our lives, what really matters is the journey. Wikinut can survive only as a close-knit family where contributors and moderators enjoy the camaraderie, lend shoulders to the wheel while pursuing a common journey of hope and fulfillment.
..sometimes in life no matter how positive we try to be it doesnt work out, only time helps us get over things !
How easy on can apporach a situation, when there is that thought and planning before verturing.
What is religious fundamentalism and why are so many people stuck in it? Instead of trying to force people to believe what you do, why not look at their beliefs?
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