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Windows. Windows by Microsoft. What can be said about it? A lot, if one wants to focus on the negative. And one really irritating thing, is how Windows will just shut you our of your own computer because it's doing "updates". Never ending updates. That's what Windows is all abou...
There it was one day as I was using the computer, it was my turn to upgrade to Windows 10, That was about a month ago and I would have to say that the journey since has been an interesting one and I cover some of my experiences using the new operating system.
Remember when your computer was shiny and new, clean out of the box, and much faster than today? Every time we use the computer we are doing things that will make it slower in the future, so every once in a while you should take the opportunity to spring clean it to ensure that it con...
Do you remember the first time you used your current computer and the browser? It was fast, stunningly fast, and now it simply doesn't perform even though it is the same machine, albeit no longer shiny and new.
A Swedish hacker claims to have discovered a way to bring a foreign Apple computer under control. Many details about the alleged security leak in the new OS Yosemite but he does not call.
Comparison of different Operating Systems, features and unique aspects of different OS.
Today, the most selling and latest trendy smart phone of Samsung is samsung galaxy s4 kit kat. As Samsung Galaxy S4 features are best in the mobile market according to the budget of mobile.
Ever wondered how you could install opera mini on your Blackberry without a data plan? Find out here.
Life will soon end for the most widely used Windows operating system in the world. How this will affect individuals and businesses is soon to be discovered. In the mean time and until support ends for Windows Xp, lets make the best use of an operating system that has touched the l...
In today's world, having the most current technology is essential. A new, up-to-date computer will enable you to keep up both intellectually and technologically with the current trends. But what should you do with your old computer?
Windows 8 users, installing Windows 8 on an Apple iPad is not that difficult. The new operating system is much faster and takes only about 8 seconds to load on your desktop or laptop computer. Windows 8 is also compatible with all types of touch screen tablets, including the Apple iPa...
This is a short review of a Google Play app for Android called 'Sikh World'
Windows is a great operating system. But enormously paid, and locked within a boundary, we need to think of another better option. There are lot of open source free operating systems which have all the same capabilities like Windows. Lets take a look.
Here a review is presented about the competitiveness between google chromebook and microsoft windows.
FOR On the right hardware, it's sleek, fast and fun Huge security improvements Better battery life, faster boot Great for touch AGAINST Start menu gone Can't boot to the desktop You'll want a touchscreen/trackpad gestures/Touch Mouse Modern UI will annoy some Some older CPUs won't run...
Here is a quick review of Window 7 at first glance
The dedicated server provides you hosting service to the system and hardware without sharing with any other client.
Easy Tips How to Maintain Performance and Speed Your Computer Speed. Here some simple tips are given for a normal user to maintain his or her Computer.
An update on how my knee op is progressing, five weeks on and so far, so good.
This article is focused on operational strategic elements of management in a summed up way.
My Week away from Wikinut, this is my diary of events and one very nearly disastrous visitor, but I still love her.
Have you been wondering why the performance of your tablet, I-pad or smart phone is inefficient? One reason may be the ineffectiveness of the operating system. In this article you will come across the latest operating system that will take the tech market by storm when it sees its rel...
All machines, gadgets or phones that require the use of an operation system for its functioning are greatly affected by quality of the operating system they use. On this account,the installation of a proliferate OS is indispensable if the best performance of your machine is to be wit...
Let's see what new operating systems for different devices will be available for us in this new year.
Windows eight beta for public will be released on February 2012 that what sources close to windows says to TNW.
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