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Well, fortunately Father has been back home for some days now, after his gallbladder removal operation and the blood clots in his lungs that followed.
Today, Mother and I get up really early. Mother gets in the car and hoots like a maniac for me to come, because apparently we mustn't be late or something along those lines. Today is Father's third day in hospital, but before they can take out his gallbladder, he must first go to Pr...
Dad and Molly are being taken to the hospital for treatment. Milly jumped in the rescue squad just before the door shut. Milly refused to be left behind.
The past ten months have certainly had their challenges, having been temporarily blind, facing my worst fear, yet moving on. Now I face a cornea transplant inside the next fourteen days and am looking forward to that time with some trepidation.
Operation due in five days on my back and totally stressed out
Mathematics is a subject that should be taught both in elementary, junior high, or high school. In high school Math material usually taught is the development of materials in education before, such as logarithms. Logarithm is a Mathematical operation that is the inverse of the exponen...
Pros and cons on staycation while thousands have taken their leave to enjoy their well deserved holidays.
Why I think that nursing homes are sort of jails or golden cages for old people who seem to be waiting for death.
I met a girl in her teens. She carved her name on the tablet of my life.
Having sex change available on the NHS- what on earth is that about?!
Leo is my 6 year old golden retriever, but right now he can't retrieve anything. read on to find out more.
This is a very short essay depicting the life of a smoker. Let’s take an honest look at his ups, his downs, and what he might encounter along the way.
Looks at what it takes to a sucessful and effective teacher. Also addresses common misconceptions about the field of teaching.
The house to house selling is done directly in the houses of different customers. The merchant usually hand carried their products if they are portable or the items are placed in carts. Oftentimes, these merchants just bring their modules where the pictures or images of their products...
These includes the knowledge on what kind of diseases could possibly infect the particular animal and what type of medicines will you provide in the case of disease infection.
The history and evolution of catarct. Methods used in the ancient times for cataract wound.
~ I made the blue cars go away ~ Jim Morrison ~ if it was as lovely an oasis belly ~ Nietzsche ~ You eat meat and you kill things that are better than you are ~ Charles Manson ~ in veils & drowned in tears ~ Poe ~ what hunts you down ~ owns you ~ is where you are ~
How a few seconds of being careless caused months of pain.
The Parents of the girl so lucky that the Chairman come forward to help the girl for sugery to remove her extra hands and legs
A little poem about myself, and the suffering I am going through waiting for an operation for sciatica,
When you go to the doctor, you expect him or her to make you better, not worse. But with overworked staff and under-funded hospitals, the cure in Britain today can often be more dangerous than the disease.
Finding out what my Best friend wanted and now has got done!!! A boob operation that is not needed really!!! But what am I to say!?? I'm blessed though... But not as perky though!!! :-(
Mobile firefighters respond to all kinds of emergency calls that range from something simple to something very challenging and may involve a matter of life and death. On this particular day Todd Norsworthy a captain with the Mobile fire department called the fire station instead of c...
So sex symbols are supposed to have big boobs these days. Looks like this is a "new-ish" cliché because I don't think that Marilyn Monroe, Bo Derek or Claudia Schiffer got those BIG boobs. Yes, I guess, Dolly Parton's BIG boobs are the epitome of this cliché. But what about the rest...
This is the true account of a summer party in the mountains of Spain. Cocktail Man does exist, actually he is a very nice person, I just thought I'd write the events of the party down as we really found it mind boggling.
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