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I am a genuine die-hard optimist in so many ways, but, pessimism has its way of rearing its ugly self in my mind at key moments. I sort of use the weed killer of genuine perseverance in optimism even when things get rough. I even keep a poem called "Don't Quit" in my arsenal on back o...
A famous figure, an actor was sentenced to day to 5 years in jail for a Hit-and-run case, in which one person died. The case prolonged with all twists and turns, files and important papers relating to the case missing from the court, his driver suddenly claiming to be on the wheels at...
Do you like football? Well, I do, but I'm concerned at what I perceive as Fans Behaving Badly! All around the country whether at the pro, college, or even at the high school level the mania with football in these United States appears to be getting out of control.
No matter where we live, each and every one of us moving and breathing has a stake in this: the earth is ours. Let's take care of it. All together now, please.
There are two views to every gay pride parade. An insider's view gives a new perspective to something perhaps straight folks in America and the world in general hadn't considered.
Five decades after Dr. Martin Luther King's most famous of speeches, this author opines about how far we've come, and where we've yet to go.
While there are inherent differences in the Middle East from a decade, this author is afraid of a being the Lone Ranger again despite the fact that the bad guy doesn't meet Western standards.
Arising from a true life incident from a Facebook friend, this author takes on the pro-lifers for what he hopes is the final time. Please!
There is a growing problem in America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Hungry, and it is directly affecting our children. Shall we turn a blind eye?
The legalization of marijuana is on of the hot-button issues of our age, and this author just happens to reside in Colorado - home of the Rocky Mountain high . . .
For the past few weeks, I read numerous negative feedback about Wikinut site though I just treated them as normal reactions from people who also write for Wikinut. Of course, I am not the defense panel of Wikinut but I am proud to say it that Wikinut pays its writers.
This article explores true love, how it makes us feel and what effects it has on our actions and daily life. It compares our actions when we have true love in our lives with our actions when we don't
Looks at what it takes to a sucessful and effective teacher. Also addresses common misconceptions about the field of teaching.
An article about how football has gripped people all over the world and it further discusses the possible reasons why this is such a loved sport.
There are times we feel that we are comfortable about transacting and dealing with guts and money. We are comfortable of what we are in the present until a problem finally came with ease which made you fell unlucky and hopeless. In this situation, be optimistic because every problem h...
Sometimes professionalism is measured on the way you voice out. Your voice is your weapon. If some one ignored it be happy at least you reasoned out the best you can.
Provoking questions for you to share your opinion. Please feel free to express yourselves
Writing articles in a public forum, even for a person who spends the majority of their life writing can be quite a challenge. Each of us must conquer that fear in their own way. Yet the important aspect here is that we have something important to say - ever had a viewpoint about a sub...
Men are not socialized to express apology is not merely saying the words...boundaries defines types of relationships.
Being happy for a death of a person due to penalty is like killing thousands of innocent people.
This article explores one of the major challenges of sales and marketing - delivering customer expectation is all the more vital in the era of the social web. Customers and prospects have access to a wealth of information which enable them to come to a decision.
Remembering 9/11 nine years later where we are as a nation and where we need to be as a nation. When we as Americans can finally help those who have died on 9/11 truly rest.
Poverty injects pains and hardships to people and country. This condition hovers over many lands, and there are millions of children around the world who are malnourished, cannot attend school, dying for food and no shelter to house them. This is a social phenomenon that cannot be pre...
This was one of my Year 11 English assignments. We were asked to write a speech, arguing for or against the inclusion of a text (of our choice) in a Gothic anthology. I chose Twilight. I chose 'against'. Annihilation of Twilight, commence. >:)
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