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What are the things that help us to attract a man to us? What men want in the equation and what women put into it. Communication, attractiveness, personality, trust and attraction all go into it. It is a complex situation and fascinating reading.
You have begun to notice intense feelings of the opposite sex. New feelings and emotion surge through your body. But just what is it that you are feeling? Is it love-the kind that lasts forever-or something else? And just what should you do about those feelings? The following article ...
Relationships or falling in love exist in this world but they should exist in our lives when we are grown and capable enough to understand and accept it, and to make this true teenagers need to change their opinions and way of thinking as stated in my article.
People have been exploring various methods to enhance their libido and the enjoyment in their marital lives. Gemstones have been one of them to gain the attraction of the opposite sex.
Let me set the scene: You’re sitting across from someone you had hoped might be Mr or Ms Right, or at least Mr or Ms ‘Right Now’, trying desperately not to thrust the tines of your fork into your right temple in an attempt to feel something. It doesn’t matter whether your dat...
Talk of domestic violence, children learn by observation and they are likely to learn violation of opposite sex just as they see mum and dad treat each other or the gendered based treatment at the family level.
What is the hidden message of opposite sex dreams?
Does anyone really know what the opposite sex wants in a relationship?
Satan uses this weakness that many of us have as a tool to remove the family bond that marriage encourages from our society.
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