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Finding the perfect good luck charm falls onto the eyes of the beholder. The law of attraction, positive feelings, good vibes and the overwhelming feeling of self-fulfilling expectations from every situation and how you perceive it can all affect the outcome, good or bad.
Frequent reports of ghosts at the mansion have put it on the list as one of the most haunted houses in the United States. Guests are often awakened by a black woman in a green turban lifting the mosquito netting on their bed so that she can have a closer look at the occupants. Guests ...
This review gives an overview of some of the main reasons for suffering as presented by spiritual teacher Adyashanti in his book, "Falling into Grace."
Oprah Winfrey's clutter brings $600,000 for her African school.
"Proof of Heaven," by Dr. Eben Alexander is an amazing read for those who are interested in the topic of life after death.
Charice is a talented young singer discovered from YouTube. With her mentor, David Foster and Oprah, this lady is in good hands to stardom.
Is the World in the END Times? Is the writing on the walls? Is the hand of God showing, His people the signs of the coming and impending DOOM! If your asking This religious Zealot and his counter part, that would have to be a resounding Hell yes! For non-believers the doom and gloom i...
True love will never die and this is no lie. Death is just a journey to Eternity!
If Men were kind, we would resolve all conflicts with a handshake and our valiant soldiers wouldn't have to fight at all!
Forget about men looking for short women they can tower over and assert their authority; if it's true why would women want tall men who will dominate them? Forget the ego and get straight to the point. Let's get to the bottom of it all. It's All about Sex!
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