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Life is supposed to be a joyride but sometimes because of life's ups and downs and giant drops we lose faith and then our fear cramps our journey. Grab yourself some coffee and join me on my funny metaphoric roller coaster ride
Earning online income has become a craze among many people these day's and though there is online income from many sites, people do struggle in finding a legit way of earning. Planning for online income does require lot of time and also dedication on your part and if you are able to s...
Looking at the positive side from all the negativities
This page is related to what I believe in and positive thinking
Are you in the game TO WIN ~ or ~ are you just trying it out? What does winning look like to you?
A poem about optimism and growth along with an understanding of happiness and pain.
Life can be hard and trying. But trials come that we may learn from them and grow. This is what I learned from brain surgery.
Life can feel crazy, and maybe even sad. I know I've felt that. So here's some things to say to turn it around!
What was pessimism and optimism yesterday has transformed into positive and negative today.Like old wine in newer plastic bottles.Till you come to realise plastic adds to cancerous cells as they say.So nothing is safe .Not even condoms...
There is always hope as long as you won’t give it up.
This page is about a person whoever don't lose his positive thoughts even after facing a great loss
Looks at what it takes to a sucessful and effective teacher. Also addresses common misconceptions about the field of teaching.
This review is about the last lecture given by a man who had only a few more months to live as he was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer. The last lecture given by him did not focus on dying ; rather it focused on how to live and how to achieve your childhood dreams. Such is the uniquenes...
This article is about optimistic friends whoever encourage us a lot to achieve our targets.
Nothing is too difficult for God, in fact Luke 1:37 says “For nothing is impossible with God.” So why do we whine all the time about what we cannot do?
A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts ...
Blah,blah blah Dreamer, Ideal blah blah blah blah. Soul blah blah, Blah blah blah blah Real.
The war between pessimist, and optimist, appears to be never ending. Does there need to be a victor?
My dad , just an ordinary man maybe , but not to me. This is my memory of him.
Excuse me while I have a little rant at Western society, human nature and the world in general.
This is extremely personal to me, in the sense that it was advice written specifically for myself, and thus I doubt many will be able to empathise or even understand :). However, it will provide anyone who's interested with insight about me. I hope someone recognises the D&D reference...
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